When you are ‘doing admin’ – you may be doing more business development than you think.

Never has it been more critical to examine what it is you do when you are ‘doing admin’. It sits there as a block in your diary and you do the tasks with perhaps with some reluctance. After further discussion it turns out that there is a whole lot of good stuff going on in the humble ’admin time’, way more than many business owners give themselves credit for.  What happens when we examine ‘admin time’ and reframe it?

When I ask about what admin activities look like I tend to hear about writing session notes, writing letters, writing reports, phoning clients /carers/others involved in the clients care/stakeholders, referrers, writing content for website, flyers, groups programs, job adverts, supervising team mates, solving problems, sorting billing, turning ideas into new programs, doing social media, checking financial reports and business numbers, running internal meetings, attending external meetings, browsing online, seeking customer feedback, managing complaints, paying your team/bills/self, trouble shooting, wrangling software and hardware. And so on… does all this sound familiar?

If I have missed an activity that you typically do, please include it mentally.

OK. Pause. Please read over this list and ask yourself, “Which of these activities further develops my business?”

I hope that you think that many of them are business builders.

  • Developing content for your website, social media platforms, flyers and brochures sure is a proactive use of time. Developing the clinical, admin and productivity skills of your teammates sure enhances your clinical governance, brand experience and customer delight.
  • Phone calls admittedly assuming they are positive and solution focused, build personal memories of you and your business into the minds of clients, referrers, colleagues, yes tick, that’s a business building task.
  • Writing session notes, letters, and reports, in my opinion, should be kept to the bare need to be compliant minimum. You all know my thoughts about writing session notes during the intervention session. Ultimately writing these documents is a marketing tool but only if people read them. Generally, I sense that clinicians and business owners spend WAY too long procrastinating and writing them. Stepping off my soapbox now.
  • Analyzing and acting on business reports, profit and loss, marketing reports and all your other dashboard numbers sure is a business development activity.
  • Running team meetings, providing clinical supervision, guiding peer supervision, nutting out your business performance development framework, that all sounds like incredible business development activity to me.
  • Managing complaints and compliments are both critical business activities whilst the former is confronting I’d like to suggest it will have a more powerful impact on your business progress.

When you run a high-level audit of exactly what you do when you are ‘doing admin’ I hope you are pleasantly surprised at the amount of business activity you are actually getting done. Granted, big questions remain as to how much you finish and effectively implement, that’s another blog.  Further, there is the question about what you should NOT be doing in the first place and how this can be delegated. I would like to leave you to ponder:

How will you filter your ‘admin’ from now on?

How can you dial up your boss and rename relevant tasks to ‘business development’?

How can you release more of THOSE tasks to others?

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