What’s in a business name?

In conversation with allied health professionals last week, several stated how unique my business name was. ‘You really should write about that’ said one, ‘… yes, it is a cool concept and your logo is perfect for it” said another. So here goes with the tale of naming Nacre Consulting.

Nacre is actually a real word. Kudos, to a very talented wordsmith and speech pathology friend, you know who you are, for the suggestion. It is the word that describes the natural process by which a seed, sitting in an oyster shell grows layers and layers of shiny resilience until it has a final brilliant coating. I have a thing for pearls and have worn them pretty much daily for years. I was instantly taken with the word for many reasons.

I love the idea of natural growth coming from naturally occurring systems. The pearl is held in the shell and bathed with all the best materials so that is slowly layers up into a brilliant and unique pearl. For me, we all grow like this.

Children with special needs are supported to grow and find their shiny selves in a variety of ways. Through family, love, friends and dedicated service providers, they have the chance to become their best selves. These forces layer each other, overlap and bring a range of unique colours to the overall iridescent coating. Each pearl is unique just like the children we serve. Incidentally, the molecular structure of mother of pearl and pearls is not unlike irregular flat plates that fit into each other.

Clinicians also participate in years of professional and personal development. Similar to the rings around a tree trunk learning in structured and specialist environments add rings around the tree trunk, or in this case pearl seed. Clinicians also end up a unique globe of layered experiences, learnings and talents.

Allied health professional businesses, sometimes called private practices, also have a life cycle. The life cycle of a private practice usually runs in parallel with the owners learning curve. Some grown quickly, others slowly, some have lumps and bumps, others are smooth. They are all unique and may or not match the other pearls already described of children and clinicians.

In developing the logo, I was determined for the logo to tell the story of holding the space for layers of brilliant unique growth. The designers developed fabulous visual concepts and interestingly I went for the design they least recommended. For me the series of circles represent the shell, the layers or learning all nurturing the seed at the centre. I also like the ‘C’ shapes as I use Coaching and Consulting as my business tools.

So what’s in a name? It turns out rather a lot! It took me months to land on Nacre Consulting and funnily enough, it came up in totally unrelated conversation on the steps of a carpark at a shopping centre. A lovely reminder that sometimes tough things get solved all by them selves.

Nacre – pronounced {nay-ka} The natural process of growing iridescent resilient pearls.

Cathy Love

Occupational Therapist, Disability Service Consultant, Coach, Facilitator.

E:           cathy@nacre.com.au

M:          0488 316 319

W:          www.nacre.com.au

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