What Leadership Shadow Do You Cast?

Joining me this episode is none other than one of my favourite leadership experts, Jan Terkelsen. Jan is one-half of an unstoppable team with her twin sister Michelle, who unfortunately couldn’t make it this episode, and they are both Directors of People Leaders.

People Leaders is a leadership development company that runs leadership development programs for companies of all sizes.

This episode is a goldmine for all-things leadership. 

We start off by discussing the two fundamental components of leadership, where part of that is understanding what type of ‘leadership shadow’ you cast as a business owner. 

Listen to the episode as Jan explores all four essential elements of this concept.


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Other gold-plated subjects we cover include leadership elements that business owners have required to navigate the pandemic, how to build blue-sky-thinking-time into your busy day, setting a culture of feedback, and having difficult and necessary conversations.

If there’s anything you can take away from this jam-packed episode, it’s understanding the importance of facilitating an environment where others are invited to give feedback, have the capacity to lead themselves, and are supplied the tools and resources to do so. 

As leaders, it’s up to us to be creating that safe space. 

Trusted relationships should be able to grow, clear goals and roles should be set, and robust processes should be in place. As leaders, we must remember that everyone is here to do their best.

So, what type of leadership shadow do you cast? How can you work on that?

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