The importance of having a story in your digital strategy

In today’s digital world, businesses need to consider marketing in the online space to capture more clients anytime, anywhere. The possibilities are endless in the world of digital marketing and reaching your target market is now better than ever with all the resources available at the tip of your fingers and with a few clicks on your computer.

Chris Walker and Georgia Hull of Walk Digital will share pearls of wisdom on digital marketing for allied health business owners and the importance of telling your stories to better capture your ideal clients in the process. 

Having a series over a few weeks to build stories, trust, humour, some exchange, and not going straight in for the sale is an important part of digital marketing. Here are a few tips you can do for your strategy:

  1. Establish yourself as a credible company

In the allied health industry people could go into that information search or they could start thinking about it for a long time before they decide to take the plunge to book an appointment. It’s important to establish yourself as a credible company and personal expert in this space. 

By having specific messages that talk to either those passion or pain frustration problems, by having a series that is designed specifically for that person, hopefully, you’ll have one that really resonates with your ideal client.

  1. Make it easy for clients to contact you

Another thing that is important is making it easy as possible for clients to take the next step and contact you. You can do this by setting up an online booking system. Most of the time, people are busy doing things during the day and only have time to check their social media and emails at night before going to bed. Having an online booking system for your business makes you within reach anywhere and anytime your customers are available to book that service. You’ve worked really hard to get their attention and build their trust, so being able to capture them at the point where they are ready is absolutely important.

  1. Frame your messages based on the different channels and sites you post it on

Customers who are in the channels and sites that you market on are in different stages of becoming aware of your service. 

For example, Facebook can be used for advertising and targeting a specific target market because the ads they see might be the first time they hear about your business or they’re not necessarily actively looking. Messages on Facebook should be less sales and more about positioning your brand or yourself as an expert providing value to your target market. On the other hand, people who search for services using Google search most probably have a specific need for services at the time. So, your messaging could be slightly different.

  1. Retarget your ideal clients

Retargeting people is sending messages to specific people who have interacted with you. This is where you tell your stories. You can’t tell your story very well on Google ads, but Facebook works very well for this purpose. You can tell your success stories, have different messages about inspiring things, and over a period of time, they will be sent different stories. That’s where you’re building that trust, conversation and story over time.

You can set the retargeting up in different ways. If you’ve got multiple services, you might only want to run retargeting for a particular service. You can set it only if they’ve looked at that particular content like looking at a specific page on your website or a post on Facebook based on those. In that way, your messaging is a lot more specific to what that person wants.

You can use examples of real-life situations that have happened – real-life successes or real-life problems that have been solved. You may also try different things to reach your target market by doing different ways for people to interact like a quiz. A testimonial isn’t necessary. There are so many other ways to tell your story.

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