Values, Vision, Mission Statements And the Relevance to Your Business

12th June 2017

It is important to know what makes your business unique in an increasingly competitive disability market.  Core to this differentiation are your organisational values, vision, and mission.  They determine your business vibe and anchor your business plan and activities.  Let’s clarify what these concepts all mean, how they help you build a great team, and how you can use them.

Values.  Your values are the fundamental beliefs of your business.  They act as the guiding principles that dictate the behaviour and actions of yourself and your team.

Vision.  Your vision is the ultimate statement of all that you wish your business to be in the future.  It is the answer to the question “Where are we going?”  The best vision statements are generated from the team.  They are specific, uncomplicated, inspirational, and compelling.

Mission. Your mission statement explains why you are heading there, consider it your business purpose.  Whilst this should extend from you the business owner’s personal beliefs, team input is great for discussion and increased engagement.

Take a team approach.  Allocate a team meeting to discuss your businesses values, vision, and mission.  Remember to include admin in the conversation.  There may be some surprises, but there should also be plenty of alignment if you have selected your team wisely.  Develop some posters, sit with the statements, and review and adjust.  When ready, commit to them and act on them.

Weave these features into your business plan.  They will then serve as a compass helping keep you on track towards your business goals.  Simon Sinek in his book Start with the Why explains that people don’t buy what you do; instead, they buy why you do it.  Connecting with your values, vision, and mission adds depth and authenticity to all you and your team do.

Develop the mindset team wide.  Being able to articulate your business values is very powerful.  A strong vision should flavour the words on your website, the flyers you distribute, and the way you verbally interact with clients and referrers.  I can pick a medical model business a mile away just by their website or report format wording.  Clients will sense the authenticity of your business and judge how it aligns with their own.  Clients are super savvy they know when your heart is in it and when you are a good match.  And who doesn’t want to work with their ideal clients.

• What are the foundational values of your business?
• What are your business’ vision and mission?
• How can you develop and implement these with your team?

This article featured in the April Edition of Paeds Biz.

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