Using the NPS to measure the likelihood of customers recommending you to other people

The Net Promoter Score, commonly referred to as the NPS, is a proven metric that measures your customer’s likelihood of recommending your service to other people. It is the current core measurement of customer satisfaction used globally by businesses of all sizes. Whilst it may feel that this tool best serves ‘the big end of town’ nothing could be further from the truth. The NPS is an ideal measure for allied health businesses who are traditionally heavily reliant on word of mouth.

The mechanics of the NPS are straightforward. Your customers are asked one question, ‘how likely is it that you would recommend (company) to a friend or colleague’. They rate their response using a ten point scale with 0 = not at all likely through to 10 = highly likely. Customer responses are then clustered into descriptive categories, Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

Customers who answer with a 9 or above are described as Promoters. These customers are strong enthusiastic supporters who will continue to purchase from you and recommend you to others. Management wise it is critical to identify and look after your Promoters. Do you have a policy and procedure for this?

Customers who answer with ratings of 7-8 are described as Passives. They are satisfied, neutral in their recommendations and open to alternatives from competing services. How can you best engage and convert these clients to Promoters?

Customers who answer with rating 0-6 are described as Detractors. They are dissatisfied customers who are highly likely to share their negative opinions with others. They are a business brand and growth risk and need to be strategically managed.

An overall NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. Your overall score will fall between 0 – 100, the more promoters, the closer to 100, the better for business. For those wanting a deeper dive, cross-industry benchmarking stats are available.

Cliniqapps have integrated the NPS into the Patient Satisfaction feature of their service. Genius move and perfect for allied health business owners. Their app integrates with leading practice management software systems, so readily draws on your current customer base and automates the process and dashboard effortlessly in real time.

Sending out the branded SMS survey to your customers and gathering the colourful data is the easy bit. The business magic happens when you interpret the data with critical curiosity then design and implement appropriate business-wide change. To assist you with refining your business strategy and operational activities, Cliniqapps offer a broader suite of features that includes Patient Reactivation, Clinic KPI’s, Mobile Booking, Patient Retention and Recall Management, all strong tools for the assertive allied health business owner. As always, so much to do, but luckily increasing automation to help.

How could Net Promotor Score data help you steer your private practice forward to success?

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