Becoming Chief by Cathy Love


How to lead your child’s special needs tribe

As a parent of a child with special needs there is always a lot going on. Parents may feel overwhelmed by child development experts, therapy, appointments and complex systems. This may leave them feeling tired, overwhelmed and guilty that they should be able to do it all for their child.

Becoming Chief is book written for parents and service providers. It is written to help parents find their way, gather their support tribe, set goals and manage their child’s team and program. All the tough topics are covered, wonderful real life stories told and mountains of parent wisdom shared.  It is easy to read, practical and energising.

Becoming Chief is written by Cathy Love.  She writes to her passion of helping parents feel strong, informed and organised so that they can powerfully advocate for their child. A necessity in the changing special needs landscape.

  • Overwhelmed by child development experts, appointments & complex disability systems?

  • Frustrated by aspects of your child’s school and therapy programs?

  • Not enough time and energy to invest in self care?