Ten tips for cultivating a winners mindset for the year ahead

Surround yourself with energetic and engaged people who know more about business than you do. There is a saying that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Toxicity can destroy management mojo, as best you can identify and release these people to clear the air so you see the future

One. Read books. There is always so much to learn, so start with the small business classics. Michael Gerber. Tim Ferris. Michael Hyatt. Simon Sinek. Cheryl Sandberg. David Koch. Scott Pape. And the list continues.

Two. Listen. Podcasts are such a convenient way for soaking up business stories, harvesting pro tips, getting links to resources and hearing how others have travelled the road ahead of you. Our Private Practice Secrets captures the honest adventure of what we do, you may like to take a listen. There are many more general business podcasts to choose from just tap and search. For wonderful Aussie content take a listen to Business over Breakfast with Andrew Griffiths and Bree James and Small Business Big Marketing with Tim Reid.  Don’t forget the personal development podcasts,  my current personal favourites include Chat 10 Looks 3 with Leigh Sales and Annabelle Crabb, Conversations with Richard Fielder and Desert Island Discs from the BBC UK.

Three. Provide yourself with dedicated non-negotiable management time. A full clinical load followed up with several hours of midnight management is not sustainable. Build a team, delegate, free up your time for critical thinking, creativity and implementing that grand plan you’ve had in mind… for years.

Four. Attend workshops. Nothing beats hearing new and possibly overwhelming information in a supportive face to face environment. The face to face environment also gives you the chance for a chat with like-minded private practice business owners who have experienced challenges just like you have.

Five. Engage mentors. I have mentioned previously that I have worked with several business coaches and continue to do so now in my new business. you don’t know what you don’t know and you cant see what you’re not doing. A trusted opinion, a sounding board and somebody to hold accountability is gold. Pure gold

Six. Practice self-care. Life is busy and self-care activities are often the first to be replaced with errands, an extra assessment or worse still report writing. Stick to your exercise, hydration, nutrition and sleep and fun regimes as best as you possibly can.

Seven. Plan the action and action the plan. Having a future destination and a map for how to get there helps focus everything you do. Having it visual and on the wall serves as a frequent reminder of what you have achieved and what you have got to look forward to.

Eight. Learn how to be productive not just busy. There is so much to learn about how to get more done more easily on a daily basis. Hardware and software have a role, workflow management, running a default diary, developing daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual routines all have a place. Discover more productivity hacks.

Nine. Monitoring and managing energy flow. Figure out what helps you manage your positivity, clarity, stress, focus, calm. Start and finish work routines are powerful and may include meditation, gratitude, music, journaling, exercise. Explore the support that works best for you and builds your supportive routines.

Ten. Set up a dedicated workspace. You are so much more efficient when you have a workspace that meets your needs in terms of space, calm, lightning, colours, storage, layout … Nothing beats having your own desk waiting for you when you need it, untouched from the last moment you were there, ready and waiting.

At the Paediatric Private Practice Virtual Conference, I am presenting a couple of pieces that dig down into these themes. I am so keen to make your business life as easy, fun and successful for you as I possibly can. Check out the program and ticketing options and book yourself in. 

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