Take Your Waitlist from Worried to WOW – April Webinar

Are you ready to take your waitlist from worried to WOW? With our upcoming April webinar, you’ll be able to do exactly that.


If there’s anything we took from 2020, it’s the importance of being ready-to-go at any and all times. We’ve learned the importance of gathering information, making great decisions, and trying to fall back on that spirit of “onwards and upwards”.

At Nacre Consulting, we’ve been busy-bees getting lots of good things done. (There’s even some nice surprises coming up, so keep your eyes peeled).

We’ve welcomed a ton of new members over the summer (a special welcome to all of you) into our accelerator program, onboarding them across November, December, January and February. It’s been so refreshing to have even more of you joining in on the conversations.

With boardrooms meeting, coaching groups thriving, and new members galore, we’ve been feeling pretty sunny at Nacre Consulting.

But what’s really stuck out lately is the worry around waitlists. Who here wishes their waitlist system worked better? 

Managing waitlists is a whole business activity. It needs excellent management, exceptional leadership, and executed actions. 

Before listening to the full details on this week’s PPMP podcast episode, let’s take a look at some main points.


Noticing a Pattern with Waitlists

I’ve been having quite a few phenomenal coaching conversations lately. Whether it’s with one-on-one clients, or in and out of coaching zones, it’s been wonderful to hear different perspectives.

What’s stood out so prominently, though, is waitlists. While there have been several other themes popping up as well that I can’t reveal right now, you won’t be surprised that I’ve decided to mine this gold-nugget of waitlists.

When we get down to the crux of it all, we all really know why waitlists have happened. We all know it’s about the workforce, about real estate, about demand, and about 20 million other things.

We’re all about listening at Nacre. In fact, we’re always listening. Always tuning in to the frustrations allied health business owners face.

And that’s where we want to help.


The Worry of Waitlists

When you’ve got a waitlist, does it always feel like things are growing bigger and bigger? Like a snowball rolling down the mountain, getting bigger and bigger as it goes?

Often times there’s more on the waitlist than there is a sense of working through programs, through the clinic or community doors.

Once you’ve got one going, it can feel like it’s constantly spiralling out of control. You might not quite know who’s there and who isn’t.

It’s in this area that I see the questions swarm through:

“How can I manage the waitlist?”

“What’s a good way to serve our waitlist?”

“What do I do with the waitlist?”

I’ve had people feel just dreadful for keeping so many people waiting. I’m hearing it from our members, hearing it in power calls, and it just keeps constantly rearing its head.

The first step is realising that you’re not alone…and the second is to take action.


Sharing Our Best Thinking About Waitlists

Sure, we’re great listeners at Nacre. But we don’t stop there. We’re reaching out to share our best thinking about waitlists, and you’re all invited.

On Thursday 8th of April at 7:00PM we’re going to help all you wonderful allied health business owners with an extra special web event.

This webinar is centred around how to take your waitlist from worried to WOW.

While many business owners already know what to do in the waitlist department, our webinar is basically topping that off. Gold plating it. Adding that cherry on the waitlist cake.

These are some main areas we’ll be covering in the webinar:

  • How to profile your clients effectively and create a waitlist care plan.
  • The power of cool communication with examples, stories, hints and tips to bring it to life.
  • What could you be doing differently for you wait-listers? New service ideas and leveraging technology.
  • Rethinking the way you deliver services to increase business flow.
  • Your role as a business leader – how to create a vibrant waiting zone to add value.


Even the best waitlist plans in the world need to be executed in the most effective way. Join us on Thursday 8th of April at 7:00PM to take your waitlist from worried to WOW.

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