5 ways to Promote an Organisational Culture

If you’ve ever worked in an organisation, you must be familiar with the phrase – “that’s the way we do things around here” – which, refers to the company’s organisational culture. The way your employees dress, act or respond to situations and a whole lot more all depend on how you/your leader has set the organisational culture.

Business Planning

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How to start writing SOPs for your business

No matter the size or shape of your business, Standard Operating Procedures are as important for your business as much as having a free time is important to you. Having effective SOP’s in place is essential to grow your business and best of all reclaim your time for bigger and better activities.

The secret source, how other people are diversifying their income

It is no secret that this is a topic that I crusade. Diversifying income is a critical business activity. Here I am again with an update on what I am seeing energetic allied health business owners doing to spread and secure their income.