Bringing in Support for your Business to Gear for Success

When I started my Allied Health Business, it had fast growth although it wasn’t particularly well managed in hindsight. As allied health professionals, being a business owner isn’t what we went to university for; and having time for proper business training isn’t always the case. So, the business side of things can feel very overwhelming.

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Running a business with great support

There are two things I want to ask you:
Who are your business co-pilots?
Who are your support crew?

Running any business without great support, without mentoring, without an extra set of eyes and that trusted co-pilot is really doing business the hard way. I know this for a fact because as soon as I got the support I needed in my own private practice, I felt and saw a massive difference. It went from zero to significant on every single factor you would want to measure.


The Business Continuum: Accelerating your private practice to a starring business.

Business owners look at what other business owners are doing, their development, their growth, etc. to get a good sense of comparison of where we are at versus other businesses. This may be a positive or negative thing. It is possible to get your business to shift up to survive, shift to struggle, gear it back to success and accelerate it into a starring business.

The Business Continuum:

  • Survive – Bumpy cash flow, hit and miss financially
  • Struggle – A little more predictable and stable
  • Success – Cash flow, client flow, and work flow is somewhat predictable
  • Starring – Your own definition of what your perfect brilliant business is

It is possible to have a rockstar allied health business; to have a business that serves you, where you can claim your time back, a business that returns your joy and reminds you about all the amazing reasons why you went into private practice in the first place. It is possible to have a profitable business.

It is possible to have and achieve all these things while being ethical, vibrant, and committed to continuing to provide a significant and big impact for you, your team, and your clients.


Shifting gears for business growth

You need to ask yourself these questions: Where is your business at? Are you running the business or is the business running you? How is your business serving you for the time you want off, for the money you want in the bank, and for the joy that you really want back in your heart?

My business know-how shifted when I realised that I needed to learn something pretty quickly. So, I asked for help.

I hired an accountant to get my financial fluency on the grow. I worked with several business mentors over the years who specialised in systems and processes, HR, marketing and customer service.


How I worked and what I learned along the way

This is what I learned really fast – that I couldn’t have 2 jobs of running a business and being a clinician at the same time.

I had a specific time every week working on my business. Nowadays, if you want positive change in your business, you need to be allocating at least 4 hours a day. I also invested in my business self by attending workshops, courses and started participating actively in a range of business communities. It was super helpful.

Here’s something to think about: Are you connected to a suitable business community? Or even better, are you connected in an allied health business community? Are you getting to the meetings? Are you looking at courses that can support your business know-how and confidence? Do you read or listen to business books or podcasts? Do you have a business plan, project or business focus?

Figuring out what you shouldn’t be doing will help you shine the light on what you have to do and how you need to measure the results. This sounds simple but it took me years to learn this. I attended courses on marketing, digital strategy, leadership and worked as consistently as possible to bring in those threads of new knowledge into my business.


The outcomes of the process

When I went through this process, my business management and team leadership skillset went up along with the results across all the things that we measured in the business. We had frameworks we could get, analyse and use to make decisions – big and small. Making data informed decisions made a huge difference, especially when you have the opportunity to talk them through with someone more objective in the business than you are. Overall, this made me feel so much more confident with what I was doing.

The outcomes that I loved was that work stayed in work hours. No work in the evenings or weekends. I also loved the security, sounding board, accountability and business insights I got from my co-pilots, coaches and mentors at that time.


Our business community and services

We now have hundreds of allied health business owners participating actively in our business community and enjoying our services. I’m delighted with the people coming on board and getting a ton of value delivered to them in the business advantage membership.

Online Small Group coaching will be introduced soon where you’ll be able to share the wisdom of other business owners and contribute ideas yourself.

One-on-one coaching is also available and this is where I work with clients to help them invest in themselves and their businesses.


Get the support that will make a difference

What I do want to tell you is to think thoroughly about your business support needs. I encourage you to build your business team, find yourself coaches, mentors and business program people who can be fully invested with you in this adventure. People who can observe, participate, contribute, and help you shift gears personally and professionally.

Get the support that will make a difference.

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