Seven tips to improve your smart phone photos

The smartphone is possibly the most powerful marketing tool you have at your disposal. Smartphones enable business owners to capture and share wonderful visual moments with their team and customer community quickly and easily. What is interesting is that with everybody ‘having a red hot go’ at sharing images it has quickly become evident who can take great photos and who cant. Poor photos instantly lead your thinking to question a business’s credibility, brand and care factor.

Here are seven tips to help you jazz up your visual images and preserve your strong online integrity.

  1. Do a short smartphone course. Several years ago I completed a fabulous two-hour course that delivered the basics of composition, lighting and editing using apps. Thoroughly recommend finding one near you, or perhaps exploring an online series.
  2. Keep it Simple. Select one core subject and focus on this rather than try and capture the entire room from a distance. A micro play activity, a gesture, a piece of equipment or work, I have to admit that I am a fan of close up detail.
  3. Experiment with the inbuilt lighting adjustments to minimize shadows and variations.
  4. Negative space is good. Don’t be afraid to have parts of the photo empty, it is a great way to make your subject stand out.
  5. Rule of thirds, symmetry and diagonals. The smartphone has the ability to turn on a 9 square grid, this provides three vertical and three horizontal spaces that assist you to compose your photos. There are lots to read about these creative composition rules, take a few minutes and explore online. Knowing this stuff is gold.
  6. Take your time. Breathe in, and take the moments you need to compose the photo, line up the parts, tweak the lighting options. Adjusting the height, angle tilt, shifting your body a tiny bit, pausing will all contribute to you capturing a strong photo. Shooting from a low angle can be very cool. Play around with the view for a moment
  7. Edit your photos. There are so many editing options already available on your smartphone. The smallest of changes to colour and light, adding a wash of special effect, switching it black and white may dial up your image to professional standards. Don’t forget that you can also straighten the image and crop it.

In our tendency to rush, the opportunity for high impact photos may well be compromised along with your online brand. There is loads of information online that can help you get started plus the strongly suggested option of attending a short workshop. Good luck with enhancing your photos and sharing the beautiful work with your communities.

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