What I know about being a self-employed mum…

My experience of running my own business and of becoming a mum are similar; it’s hard yet super rewarding, you’ve got to trust your instincts, and sometimes you’ve just got to make it up as you go along! Looking back over the last 5 years of being a mum, here are my top tips for best managing this next stage in your life…

  • Get advice but don’t canvas too widely

    • Everyone has an opinion, but some are worth more than others!
    • Pick 2 or 3 people that you like, that you respect, and that you think have done a good job raising their kids and working for themselves.
    • Ask them for their 3 top tips.
    • Apply as appropriate.
  • Give yourself a break

    • This applies to taking as much time off as you want to and/or can afford to AND being kind to yourself regarding the steep learning curve that is ‘becoming a mother’.
    • Implementing your own ‘maternity leave’ will give you the time to recover from the birth, bond with your baby, and get back to work better organised.
    • Avoid comparing yourself or your baby to others. You can guarantee that there’ll be a challenge with either sleeping, feeding or settling. Anyone who says they’ve got it sorted on all fronts has either struck a miracle – or is massaging the truth! Keep it real.
  • Identify the support you need

    • This could be people support. A cleaner? A mother help? A virtual PA? A freelancer or student? This could be technological support. A laptop? New server or software? An automated website?
    • Just because you spend your days at home doesn’t mean you have to assume responsibility for everything home and baby-related.
    • Talk to your partner about how much time you each want to spend on tasks like child care, work, personal time, and family time so you can find agreement and work together as a team.
    • When friends and family ask if they can help, say yes and give them a specific job to do.
  • Give priority to your own needs

    • It is not selfish to look after yourself. It is essential. You can’t pour from an empty cup and being a mum can drain your cup faster than anything I’ve ever known!
    • Reflect on what make you feels invigorated, happy and fulfilled, and make time to do these things REGULARLY. You’ll be a better partner, mother, business woman for it J.

There is no one way to be a perfect mother but there are a million ways to be a good one. Do it your way and enjoy the ride mama!

Rebecca Fraser

The Back To Work Business Coach

Rebekah Fraser rebekah@thebacktoworkcoach.com

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