Seven self-care tips for private practice owners

This blog has been previously published however I wanted to share it with you again as the content is still relevant and valuable.

We carry a lot as clinicians and business owners and somewhat take for granted that our bodies and brains will continue to cope under increasing pressure. I get asked about self-care all the time. It is hard to summarize the must-haves, as everybody’s needs are so individual. Here are seven top tips that work for me.

Debrief during the drive home.

Use the drive home to consciously debrief your day. I find it helpful to relive the professional day, acknowledging highlights and challenges in equal measure. Phone a friend if you feel that it will help reset your energy for your evening ahead. Drive the long way home if required; I have done this many times and it helps.


The days that I hydrate optimally are radically different to the ‘drought days,’ as I call them. Load the water bottle and sip all day. Rinse and repeat. Not negotiable.

Friday Flick back.

Block out 30 minutes to sit with your journal, notebook, diary on a Friday afternoon to flick back thru everything you have done during the week. Slowly look at all the clients, phone calls, reports, teammates, decisions, plans, and marketing activities you have attended to during the week. Acknowledge your awesomeness. You will be surprised by what you have got done.


Block in a time in your diary to run an errand, walk the block, or to sit in the sun to read.

Stand to work.

Sitting is being described as the new smoking. Vary your workspace, build yourself a standing desk, walk around when you take phone calls, or book a walking meeting. Give yourself a movement break.

Love your lunch break.

Take a lunch break every day. Step away from your desk to eat, don’t eat in front of technology and, instead, preferably socialize with teammates. A moment’s gratitude for your food, its origins and its nourishment doesn’t go astray either.

Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep.

As allied health professionals, we know all about these pillars of health; we discuss them with our clients constantly. But how well do we follow our own advice?

As stress escalates self-care activities may fade from your routine, just when we need them the most. You may like to design yourself a self-care plan, book activities into your default diary, perhaps even set up a self-rating scale to map how well you adhere to the program plan. Like most skills, self-care takes time, application, and dedication. Please persist. You, too, are worthy of being your best possible self.

Cathy works as a Paediatric Private Practice business coach.  Her lived private practice experience and management know how may be just what you and your business need.  Get in touch today and book your free 30 minute consult.