Reflect upon and re use your private practice successes

Endings often mean new beginnings and so it is true with the end of one financial year and the start of the next. With the hype of last minute EOFY number crunching and spending, we don’t always remember to reflect on the successes we have had during the year.

The blog of a business mentor I follow has prompted me to stop, sit and reflect on my businesses success of the past financial year. I allocated one hour and let’s be honest, two coffees, to review the highlights and successes of the past financial year. With 52 swipes I was able to scan through my calendar and review a whole host of business activity. I also flipped through my journal and note books (yes I love to hand write) and there was more goodness to be lifted from those pages too. It was very satisfying to review all the meetings, tasks, ideas and actions I rolled through during the past 52 weeks.

I was surprised that it took as long as it did, there were so many more wins and successes in there than I initially anticipated. Some wins were big, such as an accelerated on line presence, the numbers of private practice coaching clients, family service coaching clients, clinical supervision clients, workshops delivered and editorial pieces written. And I must say, the effort invested in order to get my book written and print ready for mid-August featured highly by the many, many blue colour coded blocks in my calendar. Who would have thought that was a possibility twelve months ago!

Other wins were differently powerful. Such as providing free developmental screenings to pre-schools and schools in under resourced suburbs, coaching parent groups, time and money donations to charities and chats with parents and private practice owners over coffee. Many of my years highlights centre on the amazing people I have met, the professional partnerships that have blossomed and the ideas that have arisen from conversations.

Financial gains have been measured and during coming weeks their overall picture will be revealed. At this point I am running on the assumption that you have your financial ducks all lined up and that you are totally organised on this front. If the financial side of your business is still a bit scary for you, then a previous Money Management 101 blog may get you started on the right financial foot for the 2015-16 year. We will also be discussing this good stuff and a whole lot more at the upcoming Paediatric Private Practitioner Forum later in July. When you run a service and therapeutic relationship based business the measures of success tend to extend beyond bank balance and profit and loss numbers. You are encouraged to find these collateral successes and celebrate them.

This year we have the school holidays for the first fortnight or so of the 2015-2016 financial year. School holidays typically bring a change of routine and the likelihood that you can find 60 minutes to sit and swipe through your past year and unashamedly capture your brilliance. Book a meeting with yourself and do it. How specific can you be with your reflection and what can you actually measure?

  • The number of newsletters sent, social media posts and followers
  • The percentage increase of client referrals and client satisfaction for this year over previous
  • How could you measure staff growth, staff happiness and staff retention?
  • What difference have you made to your team, your clients, and your community?
  • Where have you gifted your services?
  • Where have you been innovative? e.g. created new services or products
  • Have you participated in professional interest groups, attending amazing PD, presented to an audience or explored new professional territory?
  • What have been your year’s professional highlights?

Private practice success will look different for everybody. Yes the financials are core, but we tend to forget all the other awesome things we have achieved. You are encouraged to think hard about the scope of your years successes and then to energetically celebrate them. Write your success down formally and don’t be shy to share with those on your advisory team. Importantly you are encouraged to use them to plan for this next financial year. From your successes, consider what you need to follow up on, rewrite, re work, re market or recycle. Where can you get leverage from partnerships, products or services and how will all this previous success roll forward into your 2015-2016 Business Plan. How about we talk about Business Plan during our next conversation?

In the meantime, reflect and list your successes and congratulate yourself on another brilliant year.

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