Prepare Your Business for 2021 with These Keys to Success

Well, it’s official…2020 is coming to a close. And boy oh boy, what a year it’s been. While I’m sure many of you are keen for a break, have you thought about how you’ll prepare your business for 2021?

This week’s PPMP Podcast episode centres around the notion of business planning and getting your business prepared for handling the year ahead.

There’s also a big announcement that I’ve been excited to share:

To give you the head start you need, we’re holding a FREE webinar on the Keys to Accelerating Business Success on the 17th of December at 7:00PM (Melbourne Time). 

There have undoubtedly been a ton of challenges throughout 2020. But, this year has certainly been full of opportunities as well.

Every single business owner that I have the honour of working with is well aware of the challenges, but also the silver linings that come with them.

Many business owners have come out the end of this year with strengthened teams and strengthened systems. They’ve truly magnified and amplified the impact they’ve had as business owners with their teams, which has also translated over to their clients.

I’ll get more into the webinar below, but for now, let’s look at a couple of the key areas you need to focus on when you prepare your business for 2021.


Ins and Outs of Business Planning

There are countless ways to go about business planning.

I’ve known some business owners that love lengthy documents and spreadsheets, packed with details galore.

Others love it more visual, perhaps with a poster or ten on the wall, and mind maps scattered about. Heck, some of the best plans I’ve ever seen were written on the back of an envelope.

No matter what a business plan looks like, they all have one thing in common: 

A business plan has to be meaningful to you.

So, in order to prepare your business for 2021 and a bright, fresh future ahead, it’s important to get a solid business plan in place.

That being said, keep in mind that business plans are flexible by nature. It doesn’t have to be poured deep down into the concrete where you’re never allowed to touch it again. 

A strong plan should be printed, documented, measured against, reflected, and altered in the best possible ways.


Have You Done a Debrief?

Have you really had a good look at the positives of the year? What about the negatives? 

What do you want to carry forward in your business in 2021?

All these questions can be answered by way of a debrief, which is an incredibly powerful tool for every business owner.

Other questions to ask yourself in the debrief include:

  • What interesting facts have come out of 2020?
  • What learnings have you discovered from 2020?
  • You’re taking good habits forward, but what are you going to do with suboptimal habits?
  • How can you dig into those habits and discuss them with your team?

Your business debrief could look like a bunch of sticky notes on the wall, scribbles in a journal, images in a sketchbook, or they could just be bubbling around in your head. There is no rule book when it comes to how you debrief, but there’s no doubt that it’s crucial to your overall growth as a business.


Free Webinar – Keys to Accelerating Business Success 

We’ve pulled out some super-spesh golden nuggets for this final web event of 2020.

One more reminder of the all-important details:

Where: LINK

Date: 17th December

Time: 7:00PM Melbourne Time

We’ll be looking at three main areas that will show you how to: 

  • Optimise Your Systems
  • Elevate Your People
  • Love Your Numbers

Listen to the podcast to hear me dive a little deeper into these three areas to discover exactly what you can expect from this web event.

One of my jobs as an Allied Health Business Coach is to help business owners plan the year ahead. Just because 2020 has been hectic, it’s not a reason to fall back and think, “I’ll get to it in January…I’ll do it in January…I’ll do it in the holidays…”

The thing is that we all know what happens…

Things don’t always get started, and if they do, they don’t always get finished. What happens if you end up back in the business crazy? Organising clients, organising your team, resources, rooms and referrals.

The craziness creeps up on us far before we are potentially ready for it.

I want December and January to be real circuit breakers for you in the business planning stage. I want you to be fully and wholly prepared for what there is to come.

There’s no better day than today to book in for this free web event. Now’s the time to get that motivation flowing. Give yourself the structure you need to create a business that serves you the time, money and joy you desire.

Regardless if you need that cherry-on-top of your current business plan, or haven’t started yet, join us to get a kick-start and accelerate your 2021 business success.

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