Power of Technology in Allied Health – Modernizing Healthcare

One simple question comes to mind when looking at the power of technology in allied health:

How does healthcare fit into our lives, schedules, goals and aspirations?

Re-imagining healthcare is all about embracing digital health innovations in this new digital age. This will empower each of us and our providers towards better health outcomes with safe, secure, private and seamless digital healthcare systems.

I bet you’re pretty keen to hear more, right?

Fear not, for this week’s PPMP podcast has all the goodies when it comes to emerging trends in the digital health marketplace.

And who better to get us all excited for this digital movement than Yianni Serpanos – Founder and CEO of Coreplus and Founder and Executive Director of HealthTechX. Coreplus is a digital health practice management software for allied healthcare, while HealthTechX is a digital health innovation community.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking with Yianni. His drive to make a difference by modernizing and transforming healthcare using innovative thinking is incredibly uplifting and powerful. 

There are so many golden nuggets in this episode that I have no doubt you’re going to need a notebook on hand to write it all down (trust me on this one).

We get deep on the topic of the power of technology in allied health, along with his thoughts on how 2020 has affected business owners, the value of SMS, and the concept of the digital health nomad. 

Yianni also reveals new features that Coreplus rolled out in 2020. These included how they integrated a Service Registration Assistant (SRA), the launch of their campaign creator, in addition to how they saved money with online payments.

Before you listen and get enthralled in this absolute gem of an episode, let’s walk through the main topics.

How COVID Affected Allied Health Business Owners

It’s pretty clear by now that many practices have embraced telehealth, but how can we keep the momentum going?

Yianni made several observations on how business owners used Coreplus differently during the pandemic.

With such difficult circumstances like lockdown, there is this loss of control over our lives that we never saw coming. A sequence of reactions, if you will. As a result, a great deal of change was introduced into our world, and Yianni dives deep into this topic on how this disruption has affected our community.

What’s even more intriguing, though, is Yianni’s take on this disruption and how it has led to opportunity. More specifically, opportunity in the realm of recruitment and EVP’s.

In the episode, Yianni discusses the notion of building Coreplus’ culture in a way that truly works for them. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, but it really does demonstrate how some parts of healthcare aren’t necessarily constrained by geography.

When was the last time you looked at your EVP model? How can you find ways to enhance your culture to suit changing norms? 

The pandemic has created an opportunity to attract and retain people who perhaps wouldn’t have even considered your business based on your traditional ways.


Emerging Ideas in the World of Health Tech

What is Yianni dreaming about when it comes to the future of health technology? In his own words: “There’s dreaming, and then there’s also where we’re currently at – and they’re both exciting states.”

Exciting they are, and you’ll hear all about the collaborative activities and emerging digital mental health ideas in the episode.

Yianni shares how he believes we can start leveraging knowledge and re-imagining digital health tools. 

From solving recruitment issues at HealthTechX, to his examples of tools we can use to integrate therapy further into a person’s daily life, Yianni divulges as much as he can without breaking too many secrets. He even touches on how we can cultivate a more sustainable healthcare system, which of course adds massive value to clients and consumers.

After hearing Yianni’s insights, it’s exciting to hear that technology works as the glue in helping the healthcare system build alliances, communities and cooperatives. With the right use, it can even be the key to dealing with the supply-demand challenge.


Ever Heard of a Digital Health Nomad?



“a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.”

That’s the definition from a dictionary. But what about a digital health nomad? How does that fit into Yianni’s predictions for allied health in three, four, five years time?

In the episode, Yianni discusses his thoughts on the emergence of a digital health nomad.

What is a digital health nomad, you ask? It is:

“a person who has skills and capabilities in allied healthcare, who would love to work for organizations, so long as it doesn’t require them to live in a particular location to be able to do that.”

This fascinating subject is certainly one to think about ourselves, especially with the effects of COVID.

With remote work prominent in our lives, the idea of a digital health nomad isn’t as outlandish as some may have thought a year ago.

I mean, think about it:

How can we blend real world settings with digital world settings to continue helping people with their healthcare goals?

A digital health nomad can add value to the system remotely using digital health concepts. All from the comfort of their home by the beach, in the mountains, or even off-the-grid.

There is a real edge for companies who are innovating in this way and thinking outside the box. Opening our minds and embracing digital health nomads is truly powerful.

Listen to the episode to hear how he integrated this idea within Coreplus and how they were able to retain relationships using this concept. He also describes the benefits of this type of virtual or hybrid healthcare service for mental health, occupational therapy and speech pathology.


Final Thoughts

One of the biggest takeaways from this episode is a reminder that allied health service delivery is not only one-on-one and it doesn’t fit in one type of box. There is no single white light we are forced to work towards. 

We are free to open our minds and take things further. And there is no better time than now with these enormous shifts that have occurred due to the pandemic.

Being able to use our scarce resource of time in a more optimal way to design our lives is incredibly powerful and valuable.

We are in the midst of a digital transformation event. The power of technology in allied health is more evident than ever before.

While there is undoubtedly a lot of value in the traditional in-person model, an augmentation or enhancement to modernize healthcare is how we will evolve.

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