Allied Health Relationships Now vs. Then

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It’s an honour to have Dr. Linda Wilson, Stress Management Specialist and Practice Director, back on the podcast once more for a wonderfully in-depth discussion. This time around, Cathy and Dr. Linda explore the complexities of Allied Health now versus in the past, giving you a lot to think about in terms of how far we’ve all come in the industry. 

You’ll hear them discuss the changes in the way healthcare practices think about their businesses, the accessibility of business knowledge and support, your approach to relationships, and they also touch on Dr. Linda’s book, Stress Made Easy: Peeling Women Off the Ceiling. They also chat about the intricacies of wellbeing and how it’s changed over the years, including Dr. Linda’s newest venture, The Wellness Agenda. 

Topics covered on Allied Health relationships and wellbeing:  

  • What trends and patterns Dr. Linda has noticed in the last decade in Allied Health. 
  • Importance of working on your personal wellbeing and your passionate side as a business owner. 
  • Being market and message savvy in order to boot business. 
  • Understanding the importance of relationships. 
  • Being aware of your niche. 
  • Leading as a business owner from the very beginning – sustainable thinking. 
  • Wellbeing and its intricacies, including the magic of music. 
  • What are the blocks to your wellbeing? 

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The Private Practice Made Perfect podcast is a much loved conversation for those wanting to hear real life Australian Allied Health business stories, adventures and the occasional confession.  

The outstanding guest list includes business owners and wonderful small business supporters such as accountants, marketers, bookkeepers, IT wizards, virtual assistants, lawyers and more.  

As you know, it takes a village to run a business. Cathy gathers the tribe, captures the collective wisdom and conveniently delivers it to your earbuds.  

All episodes are chatty, honest and practical… warning… we often stray from the topic, talk of wine and laugh loudly.  

Linda Wilson

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