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The idea of being a clinician or CEO often comes up in many of my conversations and coaching calls. But the shift from being a clinician to more of a CEO in your business isn’t as easy as it sounds for many of us. As individuals, we usually have 3-4 full-time jobs. I know because I’ve been there myself. I was a full-time clinician, business owner, mother, partner and daughter. I can tell you now that this wasn’t the best situation to be in and it can lead to serious burnout in the long run.

I want to help you transition into that CEO role. This whole shift from clinician to CEO is one of my all-time favorite topics and is the focus of my upcoming private practice retreat. It’s about gearing up towards becoming a CEO.

These are some things that I want you to think about and examine because it will assist you in understanding your true role in your business and the changes you need to implement in order to become the CEO you want to be.


Look at your “time pie.”

As clinicians, until you’re ready to make a shift in the way you allocate your energy and time, not much else in the business is going to shift either. If your week is filled with clients then that is shouting loud and clear where your energy is going. Running a business while you’re on clinician mode restricts you from focusing on your tasks as the CEO of your practice.

To have an awareness of where your time is going is gold. By making it visual you get to see potentially why you’re a bit weary on some evenings or on some days. If we look at your time pie, there would be a good differentiation for time spent with family and friends; and time spent as a team leader, business manager, business owner and clinician. Rarely does a business owner come completely off the tools. 

The challenge: Draw your pie chart and allocate your time and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is your time going?
  • Where are you now?
  • What does your pie chart look like now and where do you want it to be?
  • Where do you need it to be?
  • What happens if my wedge of friend time was chunkier, or when my family time is way fatter, or if my business management time is doubled up? 

Have a pause and think about what your pie chart looks right now and where you want the wedges to be shifting.


Look at yourself from the perspective of your team

Your team sees everything about you. Have you ever thought about how they see you and view you? Are you a clinician running a business or a business owner running clinicians and a customer service team? What is your perspective of yourself and their perspective of your role?

This is a very interesting team meeting conversation and it almost always boils down to 2 things: the team’s perspective is so different from the actual role that the business owners perceive themselves to have or it makes business owners realize that they are not measuring up to what the team perceives they should be.

Either way, we have a gap. It only means that the team is miles away from understanding the business owner’s role or the team is absolutely nailing it but you’re not measuring up to it.

The challenge: Have a conversation with your team and start with questions you are comfortable with in your team meetings, such as:

  • How do I show up?
  • How am I being perceived by others?
  • What do other people think I am doing or not?
  • As the business owner, what do you believe your role is now and what do you believe your role should be? This is looking at the gap from your point of view.
  • How are you perceived by your own team? you’re perceived by your own team and what they think your core duties are. That against what your core duties are right now and what your core duties should be.


Shift towards CEO Thinking

It’s time for you to shift towards becoming more CEO thinking. It all starts with a mind shift on using the mind and thinking about where you can make the biggest impact. Think about how you can reclaim your time and make your business serve you and give you the time, money and joy that you want.

This becomes a wonderful shift where the business owner is releasing the clinical work, embracing leadership and business management while building out a team so they can become team facing at a very systematic pace. And, in time, become department facing or high-level project lead facing. This is the CEO position. This is where you have senior clinicians reporting to you about what’s going on.

The activities that you do to shift into a CEO role are the same activities you do to scale your business or get your allied business sale-ready.


The importance of having a position description for yourself

You have all position descriptions for your team but do you have one for yourself? There might be a position description for you now and it might not be the one you want. There’s also the aspirational position description in the future of being the CEO of your own business where you’re proud about the business you’ve built that is serving you the time, money, and joy that you seek.

Challenge: Write your current position description and your aspirational future CEO position.

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