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When was the last time you looked to shake things up? Have you got a side hustle going? Paediatric therapy professional development has been something I’ve been dedicated to for a long time, and that is exactly what you’ll hear about in this week’s brand-spanking-new PPMP Podcast episode.

In a nutshell, I’m gatecrashing my own podcast with a special episode dedicated to some exciting news:

The launch of Therapy Team Talk!

We are beyond excited to announce this news. We’re also more than ready to break out the champagne (it’s always happy hour somewhere in the world, right?).

Now, before we jump right into a break-down of the episode, I’d like to take a quick moment to reassure any panicking people who are already members of Team Talk:

Nothing is going to change for current members.

You will still have total ongoing access to hours and hours of training, as well as all the resources. The only new thing you’ll be welcoming in is a whole lot of other remarkable paediatric therapists who are ready to share in our wonderful community.

So, now that’s out of the way, let’s jump into this episode’s main points.


The Origins of Team Talk

Our Team Talk program has been running for five or so years now. Essentially, it is an online training program for therapists who work with children and families, and it began in a very humble way.

When I first sold my business I had this seedling of an idea around allied health professionals and their innate ability to talk. 

Paediatric therapists often describe themselves as brilliant talkers. They are in their element when they are genuinely able to discuss clinical topics with the right amount of creativity and authenticity. They grasp the opportunity to chat and they truly thrive in that element, being able to paint a holistic picture of the child they are serving.

It’s through this idea-seedling that Team Talk was born. It started off as a teleconference – a simple phone call. 

Now, with the glorious new nature of technology, I latched onto this idea and swapped it over to Zoom. 

It’s been an amazing experience to create something for paediatric therapy professional development, as it was overwhelming to see how much wasn’t available out there to guide paediatric therapists.

In the episode, you’ll hear more about the origins of Team Talk and learn about where it all began.


Therapy Team Talk as Its Own Entity

Launching Therapy Team Talk is certainly a massive pivotal moment for us.

Team Talk now has its own entity – it has its own house. We have built a gorgeous website, a new logo with our new name “Therapy Team Talk” and our own branding guide. 

Therapy Team Talk has essentially hit its young-adult years, growing and flourishing into its own beautiful butterfly from its cocoon beginnings.

We are now all about clinical conversations, clinical community, and content specifically for paediatric therapists.


Celebrating the Local Heroes

During the crazy year that was 2020, and the onset of COVID-19, one of the biggest sparks I kept hearing was about therapists who were pulling all-nighters whilst completing overseas online courses.

Well, if I’m completely honest, that got my goat a little.

I’m sure these overseas online courses have great content – I don’t doubt that – but what many people don’t realise is just how much world-class talent they’ve got in their own backyard.

That backyard being Australia and all the world-class clinicians, world-class programs, and world-class services that are available. 

I realised that I have the ability and the resources to bring together so many remarkable Australian clinicians. With Therapy Team Talk, these clinicians are able to not only participate in the learning program, but are also able to share what they know.

That’s why Therapy Team Talk is a step ahead of the rest. This program takes things further by celebrating the local heroes through building a cross-discipline clinical community. What’s more, this community has a laser-focus on child development, serving children and families, and partnering with educators.

Listen to the episode for my full explanation on how Therapy Team Talk is different from other programs out there.


Building a Fresh Community

After all this talk I think it’s time we walk the walk, and we can do exactly that by giving you access right now to the shiny new Therapy Team Talk website!

On the Therapy Team Talk website you’ll discover:

  • All our partners
  • How we’re focusing on monthly clinical training with Aussie guest presenters 
  • Focused paediatric topics
  • The opportunity to chat, ask and discuss

We’re building and growing a community learning group, opening each other’s eyes to endless ideas and possibilities in the realm of paediatric therapy professional development.

With Therapy Team Talk, we’re sharing industry insights and creating a caring, supportive, guiding community.

Oh, and before I sign off, I’ve got another juicy portion of good news you can sink your teeth into:

We’re bringing out a NEW podcast for Therapy Team Talk!

Alongside the PPMP Podcast you’ll be able to listen to some amazing people on the Therapy Team Talk Podcast sharing their ideas on how to lift the clinical game. We want this new podcast to give you the skills and confidence you need to serve your clients in the best possible way.

We are elated to welcome you into the Therapy Team Talk program. Remember to get in quick because we’re having a special deal for the early birds who are keen to join.

Are you ready to diversify and create some impactful opportunities?

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