Tips for Hiring Well in Your Allied Health Business

Recruitment is a pain point for any business across all industries. Particularly in the Allied Health space, it is a very difficult market for recruitment. Natasha Hawker, Founder and Managing Director of Employee Matters, shares with us her thoughts, tips and ideas on recruitment and how you can make your employees your number 1 asset in your business.

Businesses are finding it hard to recruit for the simple reason that people are scared to move. This is why employers need to have a compelling value proposition and show their potential team members what’s in it for them.


2 Key Tips for Hiring Well and How To Do It

Tip # 1: Have a great process where candidates feel loved, nurtured, communicated and valued throughout the candidate process. 

How can you do that?

  • Communicate with your prospective team members. Make them feel that they are special.
  • Get very clear on your employee value proposition. All your hiring managers need to be able to sell why you are a great place to work. They all need to be on point and they all need to have their speaker notes to sell it. If you are not selling your opportunity, your competitors are. That could be the difference.
  • A candidate is at risk until the day they start. To lessen the risk, keep communication lines open until their first day. Some simple things you can do are: send them a bottle of bubbles the night before they start; get their desk / space ready make sure it’s clean; and make sure the team knows their coming to give them a warm welcome.
  • Your employees have the greatest risk of resignation on the first 6 months you hire them. Make sure they have an onboarding process. Assign a buddy that can help them through the process.
  • Check in with them, take them out for lunch or on friday night. Ask how their week went to make sure the candidate is managed and nurtured through the process.
  • Hire within 2 weeks, if you can.

Tip # 2: Give flexibility to your candidates. This is by far the most attractive thing for prospective team members. Businesses that are able to build in flexibility to the way that they work can entice candidates to join the team. We’ve long been conditioned that we need a 9-5 job. We need to get creative about job share, flexible working, start late, or finish early. There’s a market out there for people who want to work flexibly. 

My view here is clients don’t come first. I love this quote from Richard Branson “Employees come first. If you look after your employees, they will look after your clients.” It’s high time that people refit how they see their employees. They are absolutely fundamental to your success and are your competitive advantage – and they should be treated as such.

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