Naming your Business: What’s in a name?

10th July 2017

Naming your business generally elicits a mix of emotions.

Nowadays with business sales and mergers, re-naming and re-branding happens at different stages, and not just for start-ups.  There’s a lot to consider, let’s take a look.

Consider the limitations of using your name, profession, or geographical location.  Your business may flourish into a multidisciplinary team with multiple locations and your business name may not be able to grow with you.  Is your business name growth ready?

Own the business name and virtual real estate.  Is the name available with ASIC a quick online search can check this.  Is the url available?  Once again, head online to a domain purchase company.  Now to check Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.  It pays to be thorough.

It’s about what your clients achieve.  There is a growing trend for business names in the Allied Health space to make a clear statement about the client’s outcomes.  How is your business name positive, future-focused, and outcomes-based?

Make it memorable.  Stick to common spelling, maybe a familiar word acronym, and ensure that it is easy to pronounce.  Stick with short names—two syllables at most.  I have had some fun with nacre, but it gives me the chance to tell my story and share my beliefs.

Cultural sensitivity.  Many a word has different meanings in other languages and cultures.  Run it through google just to be sure.  On the flip-side, there may be wonderful words in other languages that may serve your purpose beautifully.

It’s the vibe of the thing.  How much do you totally love your business name, and how does it align with your values and organisational culture?  Does it give you and the people you tell an instant smile and clue as to why you do what you do?

Don’t rush it.  There are many business name generators, acronym builders, and the like online.  Work through these, continue to scrapbook, cut and paste.  There’s a good chance that the most perfect name will just randomly drop when you least expect it.

This article featured in the April Edition of Paeds Biz.

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