Monthly Marketing Plans Made Achievable

5th June 2017

I constantly guide my clients to promote their services. Often business owners are uncomfortable talking about themselves.  They may be unsure of whom to market to, how to do it, and many are cautious about exposing their business to social media.  The whole process becomes overwhelming so nothing much happens.  We have all been there. Let’s eat the elephant bite-by-bite and get some strategic marketing done.

It is important to know who your ideal client is. Who do you really want to work with? Even within paediatric disability services, it is OK to niche, to work with under 5’s, school-age kids, teens, ASD, CP, or with those who have hearing or visual impairments.  Families are looking for clinicians that have specialist expertise. We work with children whose parents, typically mothers, will be purchasing our services.  Parents with a child with special needs are your target market. We need to understand their mindset, including their fears and problems.  This understanding will flavour the words on your website, flyers, cards, referral pads and everything you and your team say and do.

It is hard to directly message your target market, so we need to find those who already know them.  We call this group of people your market and they are the people your market to. When done well they will be active referrers to your service and they will tell their colleagues.  Suggestions include: paediatricians, GP’s, medical specialists, other allied health professionals, childcare staff, kinder staff, school teachers, maternal health nurses, toy shops, etc. Your job is to fully map out your local market and then get in front of them.

We are in the business of building trusting relationships. Referrers will need to get to know you, hear you, see you, read your material, meet with you and, most importantly, hear positive stories from your clients. The three P’s can help get your message out.

People – meet with current and future referrers. This is especially important if you lead a team of therapists. You need to be known asthe face of the business. List referrers in your practice management software so you can print lists, record all comms, and attach files sent.

Pixel – get active on social media, Facebook and Instagram are natural choices. Blogging and newsletters are cool too.

Paper – review and revise your flyers, cards, referral pads, brochures, presentation folders, and newsletters for currency and usability.

Monthly marketing plan:

Allocate one hour on the first working day of the month to write your marketing plan.

□ List five people you will phone and/or meet with this month,
□ Curate 25ish pieces of content for Facebook and schedule them in to publish daily each week,
□ Allocate 5 minutes a day to share from your business page Facebook feed. The Pages app makes this easy,
□ Write 5 short pieces of your own content and schedule them to post weekly,
□ List 5 people who you will personally deliver/post your paper collateral to this month,
□ List who you can delegate to.

This article featured in the March Edition of Paeds Biz.

Cathy is a specialist Paediatric Private Practice business coach based in Australia. You are most welcome to contact her to find out more about how she can help you and your business.