Marketing Your Business During COVID-19 & Beyond

How are you marketing your business during COVID-19? Starting to feel overwhelmed? Uncomfortable? Fed up? 

It’s no secret – business marketing during COVID is on a whole other level. To some extent, marketing can appear easier, since the digital world is thriving. However, there are undoubtedly some clear challenges.

You need to create something that’s going to truly connect with your audience. While we’re all connecting through our screens more than ever before, many of us are rather more disconnected

Ironic, isn’t it?

While social media, online learning, telehealth, and the virtual world in general aren’t anything new, the pandemic has taken things further. The lack of face-to-face contact has caused a surge in digital reliance.

Marketing your business isn’t just important for COVID, though. 

Business marketing is a crucial skill that brings exposure and recognition to your private practice. It can reach much greater lengths than if you were to rely on good ol’ word-of-mouth.

Marketing often brings up an uncomfortable feeling in many allied health business owners. Since you’re so focused on helping others, it can feel strange to market to them and sell your services. 

As Chris McCarroll so accurately describes in the newest PPMP Podcast episode, the “uncomfortable” feelings stem from the caring nature of health professionals. Your job is to care, to fix, to maintain, and to assist. It’s not all about, “Hey, look how good I am.”

So, how do you create content and messaging that will actually connect with people? 

Chris McCarroll, the Founding Director of Allied Health Marketing, shares all his best-kept secrets on the Podcast. If you’re struggling with business marketing and looking to improve, this is definitely the episode for you.

Here’s a brief rundown of his insights on marketing your business during COVID-19 and beyond:


Keeping it Real

The goal of marketing has always been to connect with the target audience. That’s nothing new. But, why is it more important than ever to connect on a human-to-human level?

Let’s take it back to the pandemic. Although Chris McCarroll’s insights can apply at any point in time (COVID or not), he stresses the importance of allowing your authenticity to shine through.

Think about the emails that pop up in your inbox that are trying to sell you something. Or the ads on your Facebook and Instagram that appear as you scroll through. Or the ads that play before almost every YouTube video.

Which ones do you take the time to stop, click, and read?

For me, it’s almost always the ones that share a personal story. The ones that keep things honest, real, and even a little bit raw.

As Chris describes, we’re all in a kind of communication fatigue. We’re incessantly bombarded with ads for masks here, and ads for hand sanitiser there.

That’s why the honest and open communication stands out from the others. When we see what others are going through, often times we can relate. And that’s where conversions happen.

When you look beyond COVID, you’ll see the benefits of the trust you’ve built now. By building genuine connections and relationships, you’re basically setting yourself up for a comfortable future.


Can a Website Really be Better than a Facebook Page?

Website marketing can often get overlooked. To many allied health professionals, it can seem daunting. Perhaps you think there is more work involved?

Does Facebook feel more doable or achievable to you? Do you think it’s a better investment?

On the podcast, Chris uncovers some shocking, yet exciting, facts. One of them particularly caught my attention: A website can outperform Facebook 10 times over.

While a website may seem like more work upfront (if done well) it can eventually bring you an exceptional amount of engagement that a Facebook page simply cannot.

Facebook, like many social media platforms, is a source of instant gratification. Messages can get lost within two seconds of a scroll.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get creative. Tell a story on your website. Give potential customers a place to contact you, discover your location, or book online. Show a video where people can see your practice, learn about your team, and understand why they should choose you over someone else.


What Can a Specialist Marketing Agency Do For You?

Now that you have a brief idea of some core marketing aspects, what can Allied Health Marketing actually do for your business?

Their goal is to remove that stress of, “Oh my, I haven’t done anything,” or “Where do I even start?”

Chris explains that their private practice marketing package ticks three boxes off for your business: social media, email, and blog content.

For them, it’s all about providing consistency. Allied health business owners can reclaim their time, instead of worrying about balancing a plethora of things that they haven’t necessarily learnt. 

Allied Health Marketing’s biggest impact is saving time. Plus, they help businesses stand out and be heard among the crowd. While they’re thinking, “How can we continue to add value?”, you can be thinking about other aspects of your business. You can finally tick off those things on your checklist that have been haunting you for months.



Marketing your business during COVID-19 and beyond isn’t about outsourcing your ideas or your voice. Specialist marketing agencies like Allied Health Marketing are there to add structure, ideas, and editing to your expert opinions, ideas, and voice.

Take the guesswork out of marketing. Learn how to refine your business message, so that you can communicate authentically and purposefully. 

Listen to the Podcast episode for plenty more valuable insights from Chris McCarroll.

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