Management Monday

27th March 2017

The pressure to see clients back to back during the day tends to result in management tasks being done in the dark of the night.  I have an expression for this phenomenon: ‘midnight management’.  And whilst I understand how it becomes a habit, it is, in my experience, a fast track to burn out.  Completing management tasks during the day, preferably on a Monday, tends to lead to greater focus and productivity.

Monday mornings are quarantined in my diary.  All tasks prior to midday are of a purely planning nature. That means no email, no social media, and no phone.  I mind map new ideas and potential products, read articles, review my notebooks / voice memos / screen shots, forward plan events in my calendar, sort my social media content, check my business plan or tame my To Do List.  The outcome is that I hit the week laser focused on what is critical and with a rough idea for how it will all get done. Admittedly my Monday To Do List often takes the entire week to complete, but at least it is well-thought-out… and often multi-coloured!

The block of four to five hours enables me work ON my business rather than IN it.  It gives me the chance to take a step back, check the spinning plates, delegate to my virtual team and plan the big-ticket items.  Solutions to things I am stuck on often arise during the morning session.  Most importantly, it enables me to allocate blocks of time to the really important things I need to get done during the week.  Time blocking works for me.  If it is in the calendar with a name on it and a realistic time frame, it mostly gets done.  Multitasking, for me at least, is overrated. start.  To help you work towards installing the Management Monday routine in our own schedule I am going to host a series of web events at midday on Mondays.

This article featured in the February Edition of Paeds Biz.

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