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A few weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic and we’ve seen remarkable changes in allied health businesses, its owners and teams. I know that there are some allied health business owners who prepared pandemic plans, but a vast majority did not. 

In this article, I will share the top things you need to rethink and re-evaluate to make this crisis favorable to you and your allied health business. Social and global systems will be very different moving forward and a new business landscape will emerge. I wish for allied health businesses to not just survive, but thrive through this difficult time.

I want to share my learnings with you in the hopes that it will help you navigate through this crisis and come out unscathed and with pride. Many allied health businesses have done it and so can you.


Run / Maintain a Journal

I’m encouraging business owners to run a journal during this time. It’s never too late to start a journal. I liken it to a ship captain running a log book to keep daily records or notes through the course of the day of all your thinking, opportunities, challenges and how you make decisions around things.  So that you:

  1. Have a time capsule for what March, April, May and June was like in 2020
  2. To keep records to frame up your decisions and thinking behind some of the actions you took. Just in case you are ever required to have to recall your thinking around a particular business activity that you did or did not do.


Challenging the concept of back to normal.

I want to challenge this concept of back to normal. The world will be very different post COVID-19 and as we come out of hibernation we will be forced to see the world in a different manner. This will be a new normal. Many things, if not all, will be different. 


Running a full review, audit or checklist on your business.

Run an audit, checklist or full review on how you managed the pandemic response in your business as a leader and owner. Look back over your calendar, notes, workflows, meetings, checklists, or whatever you have. There is an incredible amount of business intelligence and learning sitting in the activities that you have and have not done during the past months.

Then ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What has gone well for you in the last month?
  • What has not gone great for you?
  • What did you find interesting, surprising or delightful?
  • What are you going to do about this business intelligence moving forward?

Your answers to these questions will bring forward your business new usual – revised business strategies or regular activities to help tighten things up. 


Recalibrating your business strategy and revisiting your systems and processes 

• Technology
Review your tech and get good IT advice and maintenance. 

• Offering services online
Rework your strategic business plan and think about investing in other opportunities for service. So many of us have realised during this crisis that we don’t have just a national network, but a global network of services we can offer online. Now, do we really need those extra rooms or clinic sites?

• Service delivery
The future of service delivery will change and online therapy will now play a role in that. Anticipate a hybrid approach of face-to-face and online services to engage in therapy.

• Automation across your business
The automation of systems and processes across your business is as important as it is now than ever before. This can help with marketing activities, client onboarding and engagement, social media posts, optimization of practice management softwares, calendar bookings, and so much more. There are so many opportunities in automation that many have seen but few have implemented in their own businesses.

• Human Resources
Give more attention on getting great HR advice. Work towards having great workplace health and safety policy procedures going forward.

Financial Diligence
To add to the financial confidence and certainty of allied health business owners, finances should be organized and constant support should be present and in place. There’s going to be so much more financial diligence in people’s businesses. A lot more scrutiny, staying up to date, checking in on invoicing, debt prevention, getting committed to monthly profit and loss documentation, and balance sheet documentation will take place. More business owners have also hustled up cash flow forecasting tools in the last few weeks than ever before. 

Advisory Teams
Allied health business owners will now be way quicker and open in asking for help from others. They will be engaging differently, participating more actively in groups, and getting business support that they really need. 

It is important to have an advisory team on call for all questions and answers. Business owners are now starting to grapple with business as new usual as we come out of hibernation in economics that are different from what we saw in February. Social and global systems will also be different and a very new business landscape will emerge.

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