Leading Your Team Through Difficult Times

“I’m okay with failure, but there needs to be something on the other side to very quickly move out of that.” 

When leading your team through difficult times, failure is pretty much guaranteed at some point. But as this week’s PPMP Podcast guest Carly Trelor so eloquently put, it’s how you pick yourself back up that matters.

Carly started off in clinical Myotherapy before making the move to University as a mature-aged student to study Occupational Therapy. Now she’s the Director of Living Without Boundaries, a small business on the edge of Melbourne, Victoria.

There are multiple aspects that have gone into Carly’s transition learning a whole new sector of allied health. She already knew how to do the clinical side of things, but the time had come for her to learn the business side.

She gives us a huge insight into how she filtered through the noise and came out the other side on top. It wasn’t easy, but Carly learnt how to jump right in. Take the plunge. Sink or swim. However you want to say it, she dove head-first and it paid off.

That’s why this week we’re focusing on learning about business growth through building team culture, understanding delegation, developing leadership skills, and so many more factors that have gone into establishing Carly’s business. Her journey will give you a valuable insight on leading your team through difficult times.

Whether you’re in similar shoes to our guest, or are just starting out with your business, Carly’s story is sure to stir up all those good feelings that come with inspiration. 

Listen to the whole Podcast to discover the best parts of Carly’s journey, but first here’s our brief rundown of what you can expect from this excellent episode.


Transitioning From Clinician to Business Owner

In the first year of Living Without Boundaries, Carly had to learn to build on her business knowledge. The clinical area was like second nature, but the business side wasn’t so strong.

It took a whole lot of learning. In the process of trying to get it all done she forgot to take a step back and breathe. She was taking on every little thing, being available 24/7, doing admin and taking phone calls.

Carly’s experience begs the question: Are you being as productive as you’d like to be? 

Perhaps it’s time to get some people in to help. It may seem like a big change, but getting the support you need is literally a game-changer. 

Like Carly, you’ll be able to hone in on more important things in your diary that you weren’t able to do before. No matter what size your business is, don’t be afraid to get support.


Learning How to Delegate

COVID-19 or not, learning when and how to delegate to your fellow team members is a skill Carly found instrumental.

Delegating to her admin team was particularly helpful. Even if it’s the small things like opening and closing the clinic, forwarded calls, emails, payments, inquiries, and so on.

Delegation is like taking a weight off your shoulders. It gives you the opportunity to focus on other areas of your business. 

Are you delegating enough within your own business?


Building Team Culture

A big part of understanding how to lead your team through difficult times is celebrating what they do well. Through this, Carly discovered the importance of remaining client-focused. 

While she can stay business-focused as the leader, she trusts in her team that they connect with their clients to make sure that everybody’s in the know. Being team-based can lead to collaboration with other health professionals in the local area, which is great for the community as a whole.

Ultimately, you can get better results for and individual if your team culture is strong and clearly established.

Carly describes her team culture as “comfortable” which translates to a highly supportive workplace. She stresses the importance of remaining independent, but everyone is still there to support one another.


Ramping Up Your Leadership Skills

Along with the growth of Carly’s business came the need to work on her skills as a leader. 

Improving your leadership skills can come at any time, no matter if your business is thriving, in a rough spot, or navigating the pandemic like so many of us.

There’s no doubt it’s challenging. But Carly concentrated on transitioning into business mode (quite literally). She stands up, goes outside, and takes a 20-minute break to physically shift into leader or business mode.

Sharpening her listening skills has also been a massive learning curve for Carly as a leader. 

After listening to her motivation to improve her listening skills it may make you wonder: Are you listening to what isn’t being said?

Identifying clues can go a long way for learning how to manage your environment and developing strategies.


Progressing Towards Business Ownership

Carly experienced many ups and downs when it came to embracing business ownership. That included embracing things like all the numbers, the tasks, the decisions, and the cries for help.

It’s not going to be all peachy seven days of the week when leading your team through difficult times. Times can get rough, but stepping towards being the business owner is all about being comfortable with the elements of how a business runs.

That entails the good, the bad, and the ugly. From finances to debt, Carly discovered the importance of learning how to become more confident with what the business requires.

Let’s put it this way: You can become more comfortable with all things you aren’t good at by remembering why you’re running the business is the first place.

Can you remember the very moment you decided you were going to start your business? Don’t forget it. Cherish it. It’s a beautiful moment that can keep you going through the tough times.

That’s also why Carly has her amazing finance teams, business teams, clinical teams, and her whole support system to learn new things and keep moving forward.

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