June 30 – End of One Financial Year, Start of Another

12th July 2016

In the dash across the finish line, we don’t always stop and reflect on the business and clinical distance we have covered in the previous 12 months. The blog of a trusted business mentor called me on this, as a result I now pause and ponder.

All it takes is 52 calendar swipes, journal page  flipping, pen and paper, and in my case a bag of  chocolatey treats. I have one central calendar that holds it all and I journal most weeks. It’s truly  fascinating to review the weeks, reminisce, cringe and acknowledge the truth that we work hard, really hard.

Successes come in all sizes and is defined by you.

Starting at a fabulous new school, delivering an in  service to GPs or educators, presenting at/attending  a conference, implementing practice management software, travel, home renovations, new clinic rooms, new team mates, your admin angel starting. You will be delighted with how many there are.

The average number of referrals per month, the best month for income, the total number of families you served or the number of products you sold in the year.

Hmm … some of these are measurables … Good systems provide this data with only a few clicks. The list of wins continues.

Negotiating an overdraft, putting your fees up, starting  your monthly newsletter on MailChimp, getting your NDIS game on, starting or growing your social  media presence or paying cash for a shiny new laptop. People you have met, conversations that have burned  memories, ideas you have had, content you have seen and heard. What has changed your thinking, words, behaviour and impact on the universe? Hunt out and claim, loud and proud your private practice successes for the 2015-2016 year.

Now write them down. All of them. On a beautiful piece of paper. Frame it, file it, gaze at it.

  • What have been your Paeds Biz highlights?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • How will this motivate you for the coming financial year?
  • What value is there in this reflective process becoming a monthly habit?

This article featured in the July Edition of Paeds Biz


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