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Ep.51 Jon Hollenberg – Five by Five WordPress Website Design

Your website is the gateway to your business for many of your potential clients. If it doesn’t give a good first impression or if it isn’t easy to use, chances are you could lose some business.

So in this episode I’ve brought in my go-to man for all things to do with websites. Jon Hollenberg is the owner of Five by Five Website Design and the Author of “Love at First Site – How to Build the Website of Your Dreams” (see below for a link to a free copy of it).

You’ll love this chat because Jon talks at the level of a ‘normal’ person like you and I without baffling us with tech speak.

It’s like a 40 minute Website Masterclass! Jon talks about treating your website as your own piece of online real estate, how to position yourself as a thought leader and how to use content and images to support that. We discuss being bold in the age of video. And, thank heavens, we talk about search engine optimisation (SEO) in terms that even I understand.  

Jon knows his stuff. He first started building websites 18 years ago and has now grown his team to 20 people worldwide. Jon is based on the Gold Coast but has clients all over the county and has worked with brands such as Qantas, Jetstar, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge.

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Here’s the breakdown of what’s in store for you:

  • When Jon first started creating websites he started from a spare bedroom in his boardshorts and now his team has grown to 20 people
  • Where to start when it comes to creating your website
  • Building a website does not need to be a chore
  • A website can be one of the first points of contact for a customer and you want to put your best foot forward
  • Make your website work harder for you
  • People often undervalue the experience and value they bring to their customers/clients and they tend to not want to make their website stand out from the crowd
  • The importance of content and being an authority in your marketing place
  • Getting in the right mindset for creating your website and getting ‘unstuck’
  • The importance of putting value on your website
  • The best tools for the job
  • Why Google loves WordPress
  • WordPress is driving 30% of all websites on the internet
  • The importance of visual design
  • A website is not set and forget. You also need a content strategy in place and high value content to back it up
  • The different ways to drive traffic to your website
  • My learning curve with my first website [Hint people don’t just flock to your website, you need to promote it]
  • The website is a validation tool that you are an authority and leader in your chosen industry
  • Generating new leads through your website
  • SEO 101
  • The two components to SEO
  • The emphasis on speed,load time and mobile friendliness
  • Plugins that can help you with SEO
  • Backlinks and why it’s useful
  • How you can rank your website higher than your competitors
  • The advice Jon gives his clients for headshots
  • Remember the business owner and team is the product and the power of photography
  • Using videos on the website and the importance of a WHY video
  • A little trick Jon uses to capture videos for his clients
  • Having visual consistency with your brand
  • Technical intelligence and the user experience for your website
  • Creating a diagnostic tool for your website
  • Demystifying a call to action
  • Jon’s book is a how to guide on partnering with a website designer and easing the process for people about to build their new website


Jon Hollenberg on LinkedIn

Five By Five WordPress Website Design

Love At First Site – How To Build The Website Of Your Dreams – You can download a copy of Jon’s book for free.

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