Building a Team That Cares

I had a wonderful conversation with Jill Crookes, Founding Director of Crookes Counselling and Consulting Services, on one of my podcast episodes and she shared why and how their business became known for their excellent customer service. We also discussed how she recruits and gets training for her team members which is what I’ll be sharing with you in this article. 

If you are wanting to improve your customer service, here are some tips from Jill:


Tips on providing great customer service

  • Don’t let the phone ring for too long or make it go through voice mail unless absolutely necessary.
  • People are human beings, don’t make them wait too long. If they are calling you, they need to talk to a human being and not a robotic operator.
  • Your clients are vulnerable. And it is your job to look after them appropriately.
  • Attend to your customers as soon as possible, especially when they go into the practice.
  • If you are doing something or talking on the phone when they come in, it’s best to acknowledge their presence immediately and let them know you’ll be right with them.
  • Have team members who are authentic and care about the people and their work.


Tips on recruitment

Jill’s requirements are pretty simple when hiring. They need to have initiative, intelligence, and have common sense. Of course, genuineness, caring, good work ethic and customer service are also key.  It’s all about having the right attitude and non-judgemental authenticity.


TIps on providing on-going training opportunities and development for the team

  • Practice managers identify those that need training.
  • Attend free training available in their area.
  • They identify gaps in the knowledge of their staff and get the training for that.
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