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Growing your business, building a great team and leading it are common challenges that allied health business owners go through. It certainly isn’t a bed of roses to run a business but it is definitely rewarding especially when you love what you do.

Jackie Sikic, Occupational Therapist and Director of Kid Link shared her experience and journey in growing her team and business. It wasn’t an easy ride for Jackie but with dedication and love for what she does, she has achieved what she really wants in her private practice.

For Jackie, there are so many highlights for her in leading her team. She genuinely believes that she would be lost without them. She loves her team that much.


Here are some tips that have  encouraged a positive environment in their workplace:

  • Observe your team’s growth.
  • Share their achievements with their clients
  • Listen to them. Ask about their good ideas. Brainstorm with them.
  • Work together with them and give insights.
  • Build camaraderie within your team.
  • Support each other.
  • Hire people who are passionate about their jobs.


Jackie also gave some ideas on how she developed their team culture:

  • Hire and screen team members carefully.
  • Look for people who have exceptional self-awareness. This was her biggest thing. If someone is super self-aware it makes managing them easier. You don’t have to have awkward conversations because they already know what they’re working on, their weaknesses, strengths, and goals. It makes it very easy to facilitate when someone is already at that point.
  • Provide a lot of trust, freedom, and flexibility. If you’ve got the right people on your team then they reward you with the same. They work hard and they’re trustworthy. I don’t feel like I need to micromanage anyone or anything like that. That teamwork approach is how we’ve created such a good environment.
  • Value the opinion of your team and actively seek it. 
  • Involve everyone in the process.
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