Invest in yourself

I invite you to invest in your own occupational therapy skill set through individualised professional supervision. Enjoy the opportunity to discuss children and families with complex or specific needs with a master clinician who draws on nearly thirty years of clinical paediatric OT experience. Take the opportunity to safely explore personal or organisational challenges that shape your work. Professional supervision will provide a sounding board for your current thinking, a confidence boost that you are on the best track for your clients. It will also energise your work providing a springboard into lovely new professional learning opportunities.
Your professional supervision will neatly fit into your schedule, evenings are a possibility. We may meet personally and will also work via phone and skype. Small group sessions provide a dynamic alternative and may suit you and your colleagues. Reasonable rates apply and all professional supervision contributes to your CPD requirements. It all starts with a conversation, you are most welcome to contact me to find out more.

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