9 Reasons to invest in your Management Self

Author – Cathy Love

Our registration agencies insist that we invest 30+ hours in our clinical selves. We have to plan it, document it, and be on standby for an audit. Imagine. Just imagine. If, as business owners, we had to do something similar. I believe it would make an enormous difference in our management mojo, the happiness of our teams, the delivery of our services and the state of our bank account. Let’s chat about the advantages of investing in our management self.

Know the language of business finance. Our freebie financial terms glossary is our most frequently downloaded document. Knowing the language helps you work with your finance team and deepen your knowledge of your business numbers.

A working knowledge of HR issues and willingness to seek advice ensures you are legally compliant with engaging and managing staff. It is best to avoid a complaint and a ‘Fair Work’ investigation, or a fine.

Knowing how to respectfully and confidently message your services builds a broad range of strong referral partnerships who refer to you constantly. This takes practice and know-how.

Having a business plan and knowing why and how to implement it boosts your confidence, focus, and productivity. The relief this brings cannot be underestimated. Work with your coach to get this done.

It takes a village to raise a business. Build your tribe and lean in for the learning and implementation business management requires.

With business clarity and a future focus, documents—like position descriptions and contracts—give recruitment and team development a firm values-based anchor. This helps position you as an employer of choice.

Detailed and current policies and procedures enables you to grow the business more easily and to also distance yourself from the operational side of the business. Imagine a growing business that needs less of your time for the day-to-day running challenges. We all want that!

The management side becomes easier and enjoyable. Best of all, this can all happen during the daylight hours. Banish the midnight management I say.

When you know how, it’s possible to develop recurring income streams. Imagine products that sell themselves, this one is all about learning how to get leverage from your years of clinical awesomeness. This is gold, best of all clinicians are stepping into this space. Should you?

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