Instagram for private practice

Have you checked into Instagram lately? Best you do; it is a busy place. Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for a cool $1 billion. The platform reportedly has in excess of 300 million daily active users and 500 million monthly users. And it is growing exponentially. There’s a good chance that your future teammates and customers are in this crowd.

You can have several Instagram accounts—I have both a personal and a business account. For easy searchability, your user name should match that of your other social media profiles. Succinctly describe what you do and include the link to your website in the bio section of your business account. Some recommend you use your logo in the profile picture, others say to include your professional headshot. I am with the later, for me it makes it a bit more personal.

Instagram is visual.

It is quick and easy to use, and all can be done on your smartphone. Furthermore, it is perfect for those who are cautious about writing. In the allied health space, you will typically see photos of clinics, visits, toys, books, children, staff, play, equipment, and more. It is light, energizing, quick and has a fun element. Brief comments will support each of the photos, only a sentence or two.

Instagram is all about hashtags.

Do some research and note what others – competitors – may be using. Branded hashtags are good, along with knowing the worlds your future clients would be searching for.

A plan helps.

Spend some time searching and following other businesses and thought leaders. Their content will appear on your feed. Having an editorial mission and accurate client avatar help you generate the best possible content that will be of interest and action for them.

Scheduling tools save time.

GRUM and Onlypult are two scheduling tools that automate your Instagram content. You have your photo, blurb and hashtags ready with the day and time set and these products automatically upload them as set. More of these products will be developed, and perhaps down the line, similar to Facebook, Instagram itself will also have an in-house scheduling tool.

How is your business Instagram page performing?

What will your current and future customers like to see and experience?

How can you achieve this?

Cathy works as a Paediatric Private Practice business coach.  Her lived private practice experience and management know how may be just what you and your business need.  Get in touch today and book your free 30 minute consult.