How will video conferencing help your private practice

Video conferencing is an indispensable part of my private practice business coaching work. I only wish it was around in its current form back when my own private practice was in full flight. We would have used it in so many ways to enhance teamwork, customer service and engage families and educators.

Nowadays, as a business coach, I reach my clients all over the country every day from my home office. I deliver three or more interactive webinars per month and coach others to do the same by way of diversifying their service delivery offer and income.


So what is the mystery of video conferencing and how could it help your allied health business?

Video conferencing is when people participate in a meeting online.  A product is used to host the meeting, everybody has a link that they click at the right time and voila everybody joins the meeting and can hear and see each other. The meeting can be recorded, screen share is available, PowerPoint slides can be worked through, virtual break out rooms are possible and more. So much technology, so little time.

There are many and varied products available, Skype is the first one we think of, but other products include Zoom, Go To Meetings, Co View etc… Zoom is my strong preference for its stability and functionality, it integrates with my calendar and the App works nicely across all my devises. It is also well priced. You are encouraged to do your own homework and pick the product that best suits your needs.


Telepractice. How could this be developed on your business to replace current face to face services or even be offered as an adjunct? A hybrid approach could include face to face session one week and then telepractice the following week. This eases up travel and its associated costs and supports clients between sessions. How keen are you to develop your telepractice skill set?


Team meetings. If you are managing a widespread clinical and or admin team could video conferencing be a way that you meet and connect. Time and travel reduced, convenient and the session can be recorded. The recording could then be sent off for transcription and service as your minutes take. How would you and your team go with this?


Client support meetings. Could video conference meetings be useful for gathering the team around your clients? This method drastically reduces travel and time expenses and has a good chance of getting everybody in the virtual room. Remember that the meetings will still need to be well chaired for all the best outcomes. How could this help your clients?


Business development. How often have you wanted your accountant, lawyer and business coach all in the same room? Video conferencing makes this possible in just a few clicks. How would this support your business development?


Developing online training products. In the spirit of diversifying your income streams, yes you all know I am a big nag on this, how could video conferencing, webinars and recorded video’s play a role in commercialising your intellectual property and spreading value to others. For sure there will be hosting, marketing and other factors but the technology is readily available to develop the product and sales sequences. What is that idea you have been thinking about?


I wonder if this has got you thinking about the role video conferencing can play in your private practice. I hope that you are now a bit more motivated to give it a try at least in-house while you learn the ropes.  What will be your first step?

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