How to Optimise Your Summer Cash Flow for Success

When was the last time you had a think about how to optimise your summer cash flow? Summer revenue? Business during summer in general?

Summer business activity is something you really need to start thinking about in September, and now that it’s October, what better time to get started. Better late than never, right?

I’ve discovered that there seems to be a bit of resignation about summer. Business owners appear to have really low expectations.

They almost write it off, which gives them the permission to put in a low effort when it comes to making the summer months successful.

The reality is: If you expect business to run at a loss, to break-even, or be crappy in general, then that’s what you’re going to get. You get what you expect and you get what you plan for.

But, I know how hard it can be when those summer days start rolling through. That’s why I’ve decided to help by covering the all-important topic of how to optimise your summer cash flow on this week’s PPMP episode.

(Stay tuned at the end for some exciting news about an upcoming FREE event!)

So, where do businesses go wrong regarding summer cash flow? Let’s explore.


A Lack of Planning

If you don’t do any planning for the summer, you’re not going to get much activity. That includes not getting many results, productivity, or return.

Doing the same planning every year will only come up with the same results.

Hence, this episode’s conversation. I want to shake up the cage and get Allied Health business owners out there to think about what they can do differently with this next summer.

Not only do I want you to have different results, but I want those results to be way more satisfying and successful as well.


Low Expectations

What first comes to mind when you think of business during summer? 

Over the years I’ve known many business owners to make assumptions about their clients wanting a break or their team wanting a break.

I have a lot of fun and curiosity when thinking about why this is a thing. Why do business owners make these assumptions about their team and clients wanting a break?

Why is it that our energy is so depleted by the end of the year that we are so desperate for a break?

What will it take for business owners to pace through the year to avoid a massive crash by the end?

Language like “the silly season”, “race to the end”, or “collapse in a heap”, aren’t the best things to surround yourself with during this time.


Patchy Motivation

Lacking planning and low expectations combine to make patchy motivation. This is where a business owner isn’t so clear on what will motivate them to push through the thick summer heat (literally and figuratively) at the end of the year.

They aren’t 100% certain about their numbers or financials. They’re not so up-to-date with budgets or cash flow forecasting. 

Without that know-how or understanding of what the numbers are telling you, your motivation to get summer dialled-up can fade away.


Getting Back on Track

Now that we’ve had a look at where your business can go wrong during summer, are you ready to shift your expectations and learn how to optimise your summer cash flow? It can be a genuinely productive time for team performance, profitability, and December, January, and February success.

Let’s also not forget that you can certainly challenge my assumptions on this. You can agree or disagree with me about how energy works in your business.

But what if?…

You had the most remarkable services up for offer that clients want and are queuing to get their shot at?

There was more variety? 

You were super clear on the features and benefits of your summer service offerings?


Summer Proof Your Business Cash Flow Webinar

As a business coach, this is what I do.

I work with Allied Health business owners to help them create brilliant businesses that serve them the time, money, and joy they deserve and desire. I want to help position them in the best place possible for the oncoming summer season. 

For that very reason, we are running an absolutely FREE web event on October 22nd at 7:00 PM.

Joining our webinars live brings so many advantages, from being able to ask me questions to being able to interact with the rest of the crowd.

What’s more, there will be an extra bonus for those that attend this free webinar live!

We’ll cover a range of topics that will help position your business for summer cash flow success:

  • Dancing through the numbers that your business needs
  • Getting creative with summersational services, programs and packages that offer exactly what your current and future clients want
  • Enticing and effective outcomes-based marketing and messaging
  • How you can get clients committed and pre-booking to help you with cash flow forecasting
  • Plus much more


It’s going to be pacey, it’s going to be practical, and perhaps you’ll join us with a glass of wine in hand. Learn how to optimise your summer cash flow and give your business the best chance at surfing smoothly through summer.

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