How can a Family Service Coach help your team?

I may have invented a new profession, that of a Family Service Coach, however it describes the new work I am doing with families perfectly. I work with parents to manage their child’s therapy and education teams to get brilliant outcomes for their child. The combination of being an experienced occupational therapist, a professionally trained coach and a business person has resulted in a unique skills set that serve my Family Service Coaching clients well.

Using a coaching and empowerment model, I work with parents to further develop their leadership and team management skills. We start from the beginning, identifying the goals parents want for their child; there are tools and strategies for discovering this information. This goes right back to what parents dream of, rather than what service providers can offer. In my experience, this is a powerful conversation. Together we design an individualised programme that works towards these SMARTER goals. This doesn’t take hours and hours of meetings. I am skilled at gathering and collating information and we proceed quickly as time is of the essence. The child’s learning goals and programme is documented, the dream team is harnessed and everybody is clear on what they are doing and why. The programme is implemented at the place where therapy will work best; home, school, kinder or clinic. The entire team is effective and efficient and time and technology are our secret weapons. We all pull in the right direction, all doing the right things at the right time for the right reasons. Organised team work.

Best of all, parents boost their confidence and team leadership skills and learn to advocate for their child. Essential features as the NDIS rolls into town during the coming years. Having a Family Service Coach enables parents to ask all the sorts of questions about their child, about therapy, about school, about themselves and their family in ways they may well not have been able to do before. This provides a perfect private opportunity for learning and awareness of other services and benefits they didn’t know about. With nearly three decades in the industry I may well have a few handy short cuts.

Another benefit is that I am independent and my comments, suggestions and guidance is not informed by be being a service provider as well, there is no conflict of interest. The bird’s eye view lends itself to review and tweaking of the programme ensuring that momentum is strong and gains are steady. Family Service Coaching helps to reduce parents fatigue, guilt and stress building up their confidence that they are doing all that they can, getting value for time and money and getting brilliant results for their child.

My programmes are flexible and designed to meet each family’s needs. Parents, teachers and service providers are welcome to give me a buzz to chat further about how Family Service Coaching may get great things done for their child or a child that they know.

Cathy Love

Occupational Therapist, Disability Service Consultant, Coach, Facilitator.


M:          0488316319


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