5 Benefits of Using Automation Technology in Your Allied Health Business

We know that all businesses, including allied health businesses, have these hard, mundane, day-to-day tasks that take up so much time and energy. But what if we told you that Cliniq Apps can do all these and free up your team’s valuable time to be able to work on higher value tasks – would you be interested to learn more about that?

I’ve invited Hootan Mohseni, the founder of Cliniq Apps to share with us the top 5 benefits of using automation and Cliniq Apps, in your business.


Benefit #1 – It takes repetitive tasks such as handling cancellations, following up, sending appointment reminders automatically in a more efficient and effective way. It frees people up to work on more higher value tasks.


Benefit #2 – The system works in the background based on the interaction of the client with the systems. A strategy just needs to be set up and everything happens automatically. For example, a client will be contacted when there’s no interaction for a while or clients are greeted on their birthdays. It’s great for business owners because calendars can be filled a little more through the interactions. It is also a welcome surprise for customers to know that they haven’t been forgotten. It’s an absolute win on every level.


Benefit #3 – It can fill up your booking calendar. Usually, cancellations happen when a booking is further away from the date of service. What our system helps with is it sends automatic reminders that are sent 4-5 days in advance to reduce no shows and cancellations. Reminders are also sent 24-48 hours before the appointment.


Benefit #4 – They have a great customer satisfaction survey in their system. One question that is tested and asked in almost all industries when it comes to feedback is “How likely are you to recommend our services based on the service you received today?” and it works perfectly! This is the number 1 thing that businesses need to track and our system makes that easy for everyone. 

A system to track this can be set up and when it is sent, it automatically tracks customer satisfaction for you. It breaks down the results into categories. For example clients are clustered into groups of who are actively promoting or retracting from the business. It can be used to identify clients who are more likely to recommend the business and this data can be used to give them freebies such as vouchers to give out to their friends and family or small gifts for recommendations from the business. It’s automatic and doesn’t waste any time from the admin staff. 

The system also asks for ratings which improves SEO. It also asks for feedback from detractors to know why they are not happy with the experience.

The system can also tell you how your team and business practitioners are performing. The results of surveys can gather data to see patterns of satisfaction or dissatisfaction from clients. It can be part of an in-house incentive program across your clinical team.


Benefit #5 – They have an awesome and very customisable app from within the Cliniq App that can be downloaded by clients! Its features include: easy access for clients to call and chat with you, current and past appointment list, appointment booking and customisable branding.

Overall, Cliniq Apps is definitely something you should check out if you are wanting some processes automated in your private practice. It saves you precious time and money, and increases productivity and efficiency in many levels of your business.

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