Aiming for Allied Health Business Growth Amidst The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

In episode 140 of the PPMP podcast, Jack O’Brien and I have a conversation on the allied health industry amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. Jack is the co-founder of Clinic Mastery and host of the Grow Your Clinic podcast.

Jack and I talk about the experiences of allied health businesses and the stand-out success factors for businesses amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. We have to accept the fact that this is now our new normal; and so we need to find ways to move through it beautifully and successfully.


Experiences of allied health businesses:

• Seeing resilience in the face of adversity
One of Jack’s mentors said that “pressure doesn’t create cracks, it just reveals them.” And it is true. During this pandemic, it’s so beautiful to see some clinics reaping their rewards after putting months and years of work into their business culture, values, and team.

They have invested in their team which gives them the ability to draw credits from their emotional bank accounts where they will see their team unite and rally behind them.

• The feeling of panic and worry
There are some business owners who have dismissed personal development and mindset work before this crisis and all of a sudden realize that they need that resolve and resilience. They end up in panic mode.

If they had just invested in themselves and their team, these immediate reactions and spur of the moment decisions may have been solved.

• Seeing opportunities amidst the crisis
It is a tough time for most, if not all, clinic owners. But if you look at the brighter side of things, there are always opportunities to reflect on team building to continue to find ways to grow your clinic.


4 Stand-out success factors for businesses:

1. Building intangible culture, support and trust
Building culture, support, and trust in your team can really help you get through this crisis. As Jack says, “If you can come out the other end of COVID-19 with a team that’s united and stable, I think that’s a really healthy marker of success.”

2. Investing in partnerships
Clinics that have invested in partnerships with other referrers, local businesses, and clients; and have built relationships with clients beyond the consulting room, will really stand as a marker of success in this season as well.

3. Leadership
Those who have invested in their leadership self, those who can lead themselves first have that spirit of leadership, respect, cohesion, and great culture – they are well-prepped and optimally positioned to be able to repurpose absolutely everything they have.

Leadership is a responsibility and it’s the best time for you to rise and lead your team through this challenge. 

4. Bringing in advice
You must be willing to bring in advice around numbers and finances in your business. Knowing your numbers is a must in every successful business.

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