Family Easter Rituals

Easter holidays are exceedingly fun (who doesn’t love a four day weekend and lots of chocolate?) but they also entail an overwhelming feeling of stress, especially for those who are responsible for the planning and execution, especially parents of children with special needs.

Easter is one of the annual events that unite families and the activities that are held during these occasions strengthen the bond between you and the nearest and dearest people in your life.  Family rituals are important in fostering a sense of belonging, bonding and identity for family members. Family rituals are believed to be important to supporting family quality of life.  However, these rituals must often be reshaped to accommodate children with special needs.

It is understandable that we could get too focused in organising a holiday to make it truly comfortable and memorable for our loved ones, but if children are involved, we must do our best to plan something entertaining and educational for the kids so parents can manage them easily. The same thing goes for children with special needs. The fast-paced nature of an event, all those noise, new faces, changes in their routine and all the holiday fuss will surely transform a supposedly enjoyable holiday into a traumatic one for them.

Keep in mind that providing calming activities will allow them to rest mentally and physically, fully preparing them for the exciting tasks afterwards. With the right planning, expecting for the worst and hoping for the best, you will be able to relax and make the holiday truly pleasant for your child.

Getting enough sleep is also important as children that don’t sleep well are more likely to have behavioural problems during the day. As persistent sleep problems can negatively affect your child, parents are likely to experience poor sleep, high levels of stress and depression. So there are many good reasons for working on your child’s sleep habits. The Raising Children website have some helpful strategies for sleep.

So how do you keep your children with special needs busy and entertained this Easter holiday? Here are some great ideas that will surely make them enjoy this special occasion.

  • Playing games
    Joining an Easter egg-hunting activity or any other Easter game will make your Easter unforgettable, while strengthening their physical well-being. Build new memories with your kids and loved ones.
    Not so typical Easter egg hunt ideas
  • Listen to music
    For adults and kids alike, music is unquestionably soothing. Sing Easter-inspired songs to your kids and give them the opportunity to have fun in expressing their singing skills while learning new songs and vocabularies.
    Fun Easter songs and poems
  • Go on a mini holiday
    Many families go on a trip during Easter. Make it a memorable supported holiday for your child with special needs. It doesn’t have to be a big trip, it could be as small as travelling to a beach, or going on an amazing wildlife experience at a zoo or spending a historical sightseeing at a museum. These activities are a wonderful way to boost your child’s learning and exploration, while having cherish-worthy quality time with them.

By putting your child’s needs and interests first this Easter, you and your family are guaranteed of a fulfilling holiday that’s ultimately enjoyable for everyone, and incredibly enriching and entertaining for your little one.


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