Ep.3 Understanding the behaviour profile of your team mates and your clients with Cate Schreck

Cate Schreck is founding owner of Lightbulb Training Solutions a fabulous business that provides customer service training that educates and motivates.

Cate is also the author of ‘The A-Z of Service Excellence, the essential guide to becoming a customer service professional’.  Her book is a must read for all business owners who have team providing direct client services, it is clear, motivating and practical.

Cate has worked in disability services and been a small business owner for many years. She understands the world of the private practitioner and has delivered content to Cathy’s tribe for years. They know each other well, they like a chat and a wine.

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Here is what they get into on this episode of Private Practice Secrets:
  • The Lightbulb Training business journey
  • A bit about Cate’s book, The A-Z of Service Excellence, the essential guide to becoming a customer service professional
  • Her work in disability services and the private practice sector
  • What it’s like being a small business owner
  • Soft skills and hard skill and what they mean for your business
  • How behavioural profiling such the DISC and the benefits for your business
  • Service excellence tips and tricks for the disability sector
  • Work / Life balance and so much more!


Lightbulb Training Website

Cate Schreck LinkedIn

Behavioural Profiling

The A-Z of Service Excellence Book

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