End of Year Thank You

20th February 2017

This topic has arisen during several of my private practice coaching conversations. What is the best way to thank the people and agencies that support you and your business during the year?

From a marketing and partnership point of view it is ideal if the gift is meaningful and memorable. Some of my clients are sending out branded stress balls, generous samples of the products they stock, and lovely fruit baskets to groups of doctors. Gold class tickets are also popular, child and parenting magazine subscriptions, toys and books for waiting rooms, the list goes on and on. Charity donations, information books, manicures, plants, pre-paid coffees and gift cards.

I am a huge fan of saying thank you; this is probably the best time of the year to do so. But get strategic; what can you send that aligns with your beliefs, your brand, and your business? It’s ok to be a bit edgy. Cut through the noise with something memorable.

What would work beautifully for your business?

This article featured in the 2016 December Edition of Paeds Biz.

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