End of Year Habit: Learning From The Year That Was.

9th January 2017

Raise your hand if you feel you only achieved a fraction of what you set out to do this year?  I hear you.  At times, it can feel like one non-stop rush through a never ending ‘To Do’ list and a barrage of client and team challenges.  It’s frustrating, but don’t forget, nestling in the year are loads of highlights and precious moments.  The problem is you’re probably forgetting some of them.  Find them and learn from them.  Here’s how:

Once your end-of-the-year schedule dies down book yourself an hour or two to follow these steps.  You will need your computer, diary, journal, HR files, and your preferred method for recording.  Your time and energy for this reflection will be worth it.

Pull out your team’s individual HR files. Allocate a couple of minutes per person and flick through their supervision notes. Record their learning’s, participation in PD, clinical highlights and challenges.  Think about the role you played in their performance. Jot down the skills they bring to your business.  Now as a whole: what has your entire team excelled at, delivered brilliantly, and improved at?

Pull up a list of this year’s new referrals in your practice management system. How does it compare to last year’s? You may not know the exact answer but consider the contribution you and your team have made to their life and personal advancement.  Do you record the compliments and complaints you receive from clients? Reflect on these. As the business owners, you nearly always learn a fortune from their feedback. What have you learnt?

List the new services that you and your team provided this year. How did you evaluate its effectiveness? And how will you change it if you offer it again next year? This gives you a big tick for innovation!

This task may take a little longer. Wind your diary back to January, glance at each page and note the highlights and challenges that each week contained. It is a fascinating exercise and doesn’t take as long as you would think! You’ll be reminded of so many things that have evaded your memory.

If you write and keep a journal dig it out, flip through the pages, and reflect on the flow of your thoughts and ideas across the year. What was implemented? What was left on the white-board and why?

You and your business are now a year older and wiser.  Throughout the year there have been many examples of powerful moments, learning opportunities, and highlights. The magic happens when you flip back through the tasks, events, and people that have been part of the fabric of your business’s year!

What have you discovered?
What surprised you?
What have you learnt?

This article featured in the December Edition of Paeds Biz.

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