Creating a Passion-led Business to Sustain and Maintain Your Growth

Running a successful business isn’t a walk in the park and it doesn’t happen overnight. For Emily Lively, Founding Director of Lively Eaters, it has taken her over 10 years for her to get to where she is today. Emily is a model of how passion and perseverance go together so well. 


Pursue Your Passion

When you’re running a business, it’s so easy to feel tired and unmotivated. This is why Emily tells us to pursue something that we are passionate about. Having passion is what helps drive you to grow stronger, perform better, and last longer in the business. 


Maintain Your Motivation

It’s difficult to stay as motivated in a business if it’s something that you are doing because it looked like a good business plan or it had a good bottom dollar figure attached to it. Why? Because building a business takes A LOT of hard work! And if you don’t love what you do and don’t feel that it’s right for you, how will you sustain yourself to weather through the rough times?


Create Boundaries Between Work and Play

It is so important for business owners to really take a break from their businesses. This does not happen automatically. You have to be intentional about it. You need to create boundaries around work and play and actively make those boundaries. Join a sports team, spend time with family, go out with friends. Stick to them and make them happen.


These are lessons Emily learned the hard way. But with sheer perseverance and love for what she does, she has grown her team and her business in ways she never imagined 10 years ago.

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