Approaching Work & Life 2 Hours at a Time

Do you really need to take that lunch break?

Lunch break habits, like workplace habits, vary in different cultures. In the western culture, it’s almost taboo to even have a decent lunch break where you get out of your office, enjoy nature and eat a proper lunch without working or talking about work. More often than not, they are slack about lunch and work through lunch breaks.

In my conversation with Donna McGeorge, author of the book The First 2 Hours, she shared her experience with lunch breaks in China and this is what she observed: Chinese people take their lunch breaks seriously! But why do they do that?

At 12 noon, the workplace empties out, everyone takes their break, eats their nutritious lunch, gets out in nature, and finally gets a nap before starting their afternoon shift. It’s a simple routine, but one that helped them recharge their energy for the afternoon ahead. 

Starting this will really depend on how you define lunch for yourself and how it could be more spectacular for you. At times, it could just be a change of scenery or just literally a change of where you eat and work. This is because we anchor different thoughts in different spaces. When you are at your desk, you are usually in work mode; when you are sitting on your sofa, that’s your place of relaxation. It’s different for everybody. You just have to decide what works for you.

I personally started not eating lunch at my desk some 3 to 4 years ago and I believe it has improved the way I work and handle my energy during the day.

I challenge you today to start thinking about blocking out your lunchtime to recharge yourself. As Donna said, “in the work that you are doing (as allied health professionals), you cannot be of service and help others if you are not in good shape yourself.” Start the habit one day at a time and see the wonders it can do for you, your energy, and the way you approach work everyday.

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