Meet Cathy’s personal accountability coach, Darren Finkelstein

Darren Finkelstein is the Principal Consultant at Tick Those Boxes and is my personal accountability coach in my business. Now you may be thinking, what is accountability, what is an accountability coach and why do you need it like I do?

Accountability is such an interesting word. Many people confuse it with the word responsibility but Darren tells us that responsibility and accountability are not the same thing. With everything that business owners are faced with today, we get so overwhelmed with the amount of to-do’s in our list. With an accountability coach by our side, we can focus on working through everything and stop procrastinating.

Darren is an accountability coach and business advisor who works with entrepreneurial business owners to ensure full accountability so you can meet your full obligations and commitments that you’ve made to others and yourself. If you are accountable to someone you will, more likely, achieve the things on your to-do list.

The first thing an accountability coach works with you is they help you understand issues in your business – looking at how our business is structured, why we are in business, what motivates us. An accountability coach like Darren, helps keep us on track and within target to where our end goal is. They help us sift through everything, work through a priority list and identify what is important at the moment.

Darren says, “I don’t think we focus as business people enough about planning and setting up for what we are about to achieve. Because execution and implementation is the key to making stuff work. But if you don’t set yourself up for success, then failure is not far away.”

It is so important to plan and execute those plans afterwards, and an accountability coach reminds us of that. “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” This is so true and Darren lists down 7 top things why we are not able to get things done. It’s a must-read for every business owner and you can access that here.

Darren, as an accountability coach, runs you through a program that helps you achieve what you want in business while living the life you want to live. He can do it online or face-to-face accountability sessions. If you are interested in his services, you’ll find his links below.

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