Crowd sourcing the perfect ‘pick me up and take me home’ book cover.

I was brought up believing that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Good words to live by, until I am faced with nutting out the cover design for my own book. I now know that I have about 3 seconds to grab a buyer’s eye. No-pressure.

After months of trawling book stores, reading, flipping, snapping and sketching book covers, I am still a bit stuck for design concepts. Last week I started with a new design team, I provided a fresh brief and we are literally back to the drawing board. I am now seeking inspiration from potential future readers. Yes, crowd sourcing the book cover, a bit cheeky really.

My book is titled “Becoming Chief – How to lead your child’s special needs tribe.” It is written for parents who have a child with extra special needs. In the words of early readers it is a supportive and practical guide book, essential reading for all navigating a family’s disability journey. Tough topics are covered, wonderful real life stories told and practical parent friendly tips shared including:

  • Adjusting to, researching, seeking support and sharing your child’s diagnosis
  • Staying organised and using time and technology well
  • Explanation of different professionals and therapy services
  • Tips for finding and managing funding
  • Family Service Coaching
  • Team management, goal setting, individualised programs, measuring progress
  • Achievable ways to look after yourself
  • Stepping forward into the leadership role of Chief of your child’s tribe.

My book also has a place on the book shelves of all allied health professionals as it will deepen their family centered practice and guidance skills. The health professionals who have read the manuscript have been generous with their praise and support. But I still need a ‘pick me up take me’ home cover design.

During a group coaching session with a group of parents two weeks ago I posed the “what should be on the cover?” question. Wow, their ideas were incredible, my mind warped and my fingers flew recording all the ideas. Now I would like to pose the same question (aka beg for help) to my blog readers.

So here is my request, what sort of cover do YOU think will suit my book?

You are all invited to run amok with suggestions. Send me ideas, photos, illustrations, colour themes, web links, anything that you believe will work well. Click and add comments on social media or email me privately on A call to my mobile would be fabulous. An arms out wide, warm wintery thank you to all who share up their creativity.

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