Creating More Time & Flexibility in Business

Creating more time and flexibility in business is the objective for many of us.

How much would you love to have a few extra hours in the day? Those words have crossed the lips of so many business owners, but have you ever stopped to wonder why? 

We want to be able to come home without collapsing on the couch in utter exhaustion. We’d love that extra hour to hug our kids. We want to binge the last episode of our favourite show on Netflix. We dream of extra bit of time ticking off those last couple of things on the checklist.

Creating more time and flexibility in business is integral to its overall success. If you’re too overworked, overwhelmed, or over-stressed from trying to get everything done, then things will fall behind in the business.

And when things fall behind in the business it can start to bleed over into your personal life.

That’s why it’s so exciting to have Stephanie Schlencker on the newest episode of the PPMP Podcast.

Things have grown exponentially in her small business. COVID-19 hasn’t even stopped this go-getter from snatching up her dreams and goals.

She’s even extended her services to her home office aside from running her clinic. Her side-hustle of delivering PODD services to other speech pathologists has skyrocketed since its beginnings.

Stephanie’s business has experienced a notable impact on her personal and professional life. Her story is sure to give you that push to create flexible time in your business and life, so make sure to listen in.

For now, let’s take a look at some key parts of our discussion:


Experiencing Radical Business Changes

It’s so easy to feel swamped or defeated when you’re in the midst of a big shift in your business. No matter if it’s a positive or negative shift, things can easily feel overwhelming.

Stephanie made the big switch from mobile therapist to working in-clinic and using telehealth.   

She discovered the need to move from sole trader to family trust, which is something the business needed as it grew.

Even if your team is small, experiencing a large change like expansion can highlight inefficiency in processes like online data, information and communication. 

As a busy mum, Stephanie learned to embrace everything automated and integrated. It gave her significantly more time that she didn’t have before.

Through embracing new technologies in your business, you can get that freedom of choice to use your time differently. Like Stephanie, you can choose how you use your time.


Personal Time

When was the last time you scheduled in some personal time?

You know, time to hang out with your family, or watch a movie, or read a book, or start a new hobby.

When creating more time and flexibility in business, sometimes you need to schedule in those things as little as “Take a walk around the block.”

Once it’s penned in, it’s not as easy to avoid. Treat your personal time as important as any of your business meetings or client appointments. 


Money is Energy.

Sometimes the very motivation that sends you into your own business can get lost very quickly within a year or two. There is no flexibility. Joy can diminish. You feel overworked, underpaid, and even a little suffocated. 

Just remember that there is always a point where you can catch that motivation again. You can start to reorient your business to serve you.

Stephanie now gives herself a salary and has more flexibility in her choices within her personal life. She’s got more energy to spend on her business and use her time more efficiently than ever before.


COVID-19’s Silver Lining

COVID has been horrendous. It’s been awful. It’s been – well, you get the point.

But could there be a silver lining to the whole thing?

Stephanie was able to explore the silver lining of the pandemic. From transitioning to telehealth instead of the rigours of mobile therapy, to establishing a beautiful home office, she’s been able to harness her time and find some positives during COVID.

Perhaps some therapy is more effective via teleheatlh, or you’ve been able to focus on some side-projects you’ve been longing to do for years. Or perhaps you’ve had more time to simply…think?

Our everyday lives are jam-packed with movement. During COVID, Stephanie found she had flexibility in using some time to stop and think. 

This objectivity lets you play with your ideas in a prolonged state, rather than just thinking, “Oh, I’ll do that in the holidays.”

No matter how small, can you find a silver lining too?


More Time for the Community 

Creating more flexible time in both your business and private life can have a wonderful impact on your surrounding community.

Like we see with Stephanie, she was able to increase her client-base to support more people.

She realised a flexibility in options, which meant trying not to overbook herself and leaving space in her timetable to offer those last-minute services.

Is there a possibility in your business to move away from a rigid, structured model? While you can always have a foundational structure, perhaps you can move towards being more flexible and responsive to the wants and needs of your clientele. 


There is so much more to discover from my conversation with Stephanie. From bespoke product development to her brand-spanking new website, there’s plenty for you to feast on that can relate to your own business.

Speaking of her website, did you catch the PPMP episode with Allied Health Marketing’s Chris McCarroll? Make sure to give that a listen after this episode for some gold nuggets on marketing in the time of COVID and beyond.

Now, I leave you with a little pearl of wisdom:

What could you be doing to create more flexibility in life and business?

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