Four Ways to Connect with Clients Post Service

How do you stay in touch with your clients once they finish with your service? Do they just finish, never to be seen again? Going forward, it will be increasingly important to stay connected with your clients. There are quite a few reasons for this, let’s have a think why.

First up, there is still quite a bit of dated terminology kicking around in our businesses. It is time to release ourselves from our dependency on the old medical model and its vestigial terminology, words like intake, referral, and treatment—they all need to go. We are not working in hospitals. We work in the community with people who are well and seek change. With time, we will be using more contemporary business and marketing words, along the lines of customer, engagement, support, retention, nurture sequence, customer experience, customer lifecycle, etc. …

Part of modern service delivery is to collaboratively plan what happens post service. Newsletters, phone calls, video conferencing, and catch-up dates are all options. These functions should all be easy to set up in your practice management systems, always ideal to keep your data central. Avoid the extra spreadsheet.

Specific post service content

Clients may receive a different newsletter, one that perhaps runs quarterly. This newsletter may have specific content pertinent to maintenance programs, liaising with schools, books to read, how to keep home practice or play activities going. A specific newsletter tailored to their post program keeps clients connected and helps keep you front-of-mind.

Personal follow-up. Discuss with clients when a follow-up phone call or review letter suits them best. This can be set up in the diary and possibly conducted by the clinician or admin. A script may assist your admin person navigate this conversation on the first few occasions. Ensure that an e-file note of the conversation and its outcomes is recorded.

Review letter. Alternatively a letter template can be stored in your practice management system, formatted and posted at the mutually agreed review time. A copy will be recorded on file when it is issued from your software. Decide on a time frame that suits your business best; if there is now response from the client, archive the e-file and manage the hard file according to your usual procedures.

P.S. E-files ensure you have all client content on hand. Clients do come back and there is nothing worse than stating that you don’t have easy access to the required documents, hard files and archived.

Planning and conversation with clients at their end of their service agreement helps preserve relationships and may be an important part of your business’s provision of positive client outcomes. Don’t be shy. Include conversation about newsletters, catch-up calls, review letters, and that the door is always open.

What could you do to promote post service client engagement?

Cathy works as a Paediatric Private Practice business coach.  Her lived private practice experience and management know how may be just what you and your business need.  Get in touch today and book your free 30 minute consult.