Compliance: What Businesses Need to Have in Place

3rd April 2017

Guest Writer – Kerrie Canning

The Fair Work legislation is quite complex and the penalties for non compliance are severe.  To demonstrate compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009, businesses are required to maintain the following documents on file for each employee:
•  Fair Work Information Statement – evidence of having provided this to each employee either on commencement  with  their employment contract or when it came into effect in 2009,
•  Employment contract/letter of offer outlining the terms and conditions of the start date,  position, salary and any other benefits, reference to the appropriate award and status (eg part time, full time, fixed term, maternity leave).

It’s also important to also have current HR policies in place which cover:
•  Equal employment opportunity,
•  Bullying, harassment and discrimination,
•  Managing performance, including disciplinary process,
•  Social media, internet and email usage.

HR Advice Online makes it simple for the small to medium size business owner to comply, by providing accurate and up-to-date information on compliance requirements. HR Advice Online provides templates for all of the above documents for its members, and can review your tailored  documents to assist you and your business in becoming and remaining compliant.
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Editor’s note: You cannot write the HR aspect of your Policy and Procedure manual yourself due to the specific legal information it needs to contain.

Author Bio:  HR Advice Online, led by founders, authors and HR veterans Cheryl Disher and Kerrie Canning,
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This article featured in the February Edition of Paeds Biz.

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